Harshit Yadav

Harshit Yadav

Max Wyman Assistant Professor
University of Alberta
Department of Mathematics
Email: hyadav3 [at] ualberta.ca

Curriculum Vitae (last update: Dec 25, 2023)

APM seminar


My research interests are Hopf algebras, Frobenius algebras, finite tensor categories, fusion categories and vertex operator algebras.

I received my PhD from Rice University in May 2023, advised by Dr. Chelsea Walton. I spent the first three years of my graduate life at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Earlier, in May 2017, I graduated from IIT, Kanpur with a Bachelors in Mathematics and Scientific Computing.

Apart from mathematics, I enjoy watching and playing football and chess. Here are some pictures with my football friends form IIT Kanpur.