The University of Alberta Gojukai Karate Club has been providing quality karate instruction to university students, staff and alumni since September 1984. We are a non-profit University sports club with low fees and volunteer instructors.

Beginners and visitors are always welcome.

Gojukai Karate-do is a unique style of Karate which focuses on both hard and soft elements, making it ideal for people of all shapes and sizes as well as an excellent system for beginners and advanced practitioners through a progressive curriculum.

The U of A Gojukai Karate Club is committed to the preservation of this living art form, one of the oldest styles of Japanese Karate. This is accomplished through superior instruction by NCCP certified instructors in a fun and supportive environment.

Our club offers a broad experience which includes traditional training in Karate, physical fitness & strength development and competitive opportunities. Those who wish to compete in tournaments are able to do so at the provincial level through the Karate Alberta Association, the official governing body of karate in Alberta, and have the opportunity to progress to national and international levels of competition.

The opportunity also exists to travel and train at clubs and international camps in some of the 40+ member countries of our parent association, International Karatedo Gojukai Association (IKGA).

We have been selected by the Edmonton Japanese Cultural Association as the traditional karate demonstrator at the annual Heritage Festival since 1985.


Our club philosophy:

We believe everyone can try out this traditional form of self defense and martial art, and that different goals are well accommodated. Traditional goals of physical and mental training are compatible with modern ideals of fitness, and modern ideals of excellence through sport can be viewed from the traditional perspective of self-development. This club has produced many all-style competitors, with a record of wins at regional, provincial, and inter-provincial competitions, including three consecutive Western Canadian Women's Black Belt Champions, and four Provincial champions in 1997.


What we offer to our Members:

  • A unique style of Japanese karate, emphasizing strength and flexibility.
  • Modern training methods within a traditional program.
  • Opportunity to compete in all-style tournaments recognized by the sport governing bodies, following rules established by the World Karate Federation in its bid for Olympic status.
  • Social aspects including   pot lucks, peer support, and pizza after class.
  • Sport insurance package as part of our risk management strategy.
  • Low fees for a quality program.
  • Exchange seminars with other interested local martial arts groups.
  • Membership in an international organization which encourages training in other countries.