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Documents in PDF format, and links to DSpace (where applicable):

  • Dr Greg Ballentine
    Title of Thesis: Comparison of time-resolved micromagnetic dynamics experiments on Ni80Fe20 and Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert micromagnetic simulation (8 MB)

  • Dr Miroslav Belov
    Title of Thesis: Spatiotemporal magnetization dynamics of patterned Ni80Fe20 (11 MB)

  • Dr Jason Blackstock
    Title of Thesis: Fabrication and characterization of ultra-flat thin-film material surfaces for nanoscale research and device applications (5 MB)

  • Dr Robert Bryce
    Title of Thesis: Viscoelastic instability in electro-osmotically pumped elongational microflows (4 MB pdf)
    and: Robert's thesis in DSpace

  • Dr Kristen Buchanan
    Title of Thesis: Ultrafast magnetic relaxation in nanocomposite materials (5 MB)

  • Dr Jacob Burgess
    Title of Thesis: Energetic transitions of magnetic vortices (6 MB)

  • Alastair Fraser
    Title of Thesis: Focus ion beam milled magnetic cantilevers (7 MB)
    and: Alastair's thesis in DSpace

  • Dr Wayne Hiebert
    Title of MSc Thesis: Ferromagnetic resonance in a permalloy microstructure using time-resolved scanning Kerr effect microscopy(7 MB)
    Title of PhD Thesis: Experimental micromagnetic dynamics: ultrafast magnetization reversal using time-resolved scanning Kerr effect microscopy (13 MB)

  • Meng Kan
    Title of Thesis: STM downmixed readout of nanomechanical motion (3 MB)

  • Dr Sasha Krichevsky
    Title of Thesis: Magnetization dynamics in magnetic microdevices and hybrid materials (5 MB)

  • Dr Zhigang Liu
    Title of MSc Thesis: Micromagnetic simulations on Ni80Fe20 thin film microstructures (2 MB)
    Title of PhD Thesis: Magnetization dynamics in the presence of nanoscale spatial inhomogeneity (1.5 MB)

  • Dr Joe Losby
    Title of Thesis: Nanomechanical torque magnetometry and AC susceptometry of mesoscopic magnetic structures (2.2 MB)

  • Steven Olson
    Title of Thesis: Charge transport in molecular junctions and microfluidic devices (2.4 MB)
    and: Steven's thesis in DSpace

  • Kyle Reid
    Title of Thesis: Measuring optomechanics with a photon STM in the high vacuum environment (2.1 MB)

  • Dr Vince Sauer
    Title of Thesis: Nanophotonic detection of nanomechanical structures for use toward mass sensing applications (3 MB)

  • Dr Geoff Steeves
    Title of Thesis: Junction-mixing scanning tunneling microscopy (3 MB)

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