If you are a prospective applicant for graduate school seeking my support, please read the instructions at the bottom.

Current students

Past students

2024 Kostyantyn Guzhva (MSc)
  Hayat Sultan Mohammed (MSc, co-supervised with Mario Nascimento)
  Arif Shariar (MSc)
2023 Graham Alexander (MSc)
2022 Arad Ashrafi (MSc)
2021 Varun Ranganathan (MSc); co-founder of Formic AI
  Shruthi Ravishankar (MSc Course-based)
  Ali Hejazizo (MSc, co-supervised with Lili Mou)
  André dos Santos (post-doc)
2020 Tobias Renwick (MSc)
2019 Daniel Caminhas (MSc)
  Erin Macdonald (MSc)
  Weite Ni (MSc)
  Candy Pang (PhD, co-supervised with Abram Hindle); Assistant Professor at Grant McEwan
2018 Peng Xu (MSc)
  Matteo Cannaviccio (PhD, co-supervised with Paolo Merialdo); Machine Learning Engineer at Diffbot
  Zhaochen Guo (PhD); Machine Learning Engineer at Diffbot
2016 Hoda Sepheri Rad (PhD)
2015 Filipe Mesquita (PhD); VP Research at Diffbot
2014 Yoones Shekavat (post-doc); Associate Professor, Tabriz Art University, Iran
2013 Ivanilton Polato (Visiting PhD); Associate Professor, Federal Technological University of Parana, Brazil
2012 Ajay Anandan (MSc)
2011 Gregory Leighton (PhD)
  Stephanie Husby (MSc)
  Maryam Hasan (MSc, co-supervised with Eleni Stroulia)
  Diego Serrano (MSc, co-supervised with Eleni Stroulia)
  Hua He (MSc, co-supervised with Greg Kondrak)
2009 Paolo Cappellari (post-doc, 2009)
  Jagoda Walny (MSc)

For grad school applicants

Here are the instructions on how to apply, with deadlines (set by the university).

After you complete your application, send me an email with the following:

  1. Your application number, your CV and your unofficial transcript.
  2. A short (2-3 paragraphs) description of your best project using machine learning, information retrieval, or natural language processing, addressing the following questions:
    • Which methods did you use and how did you choose them?
    • Which data did you use? How large was it? How did you obtain it?
    • What were the results and what do they mean?
    • What did you learn from completing the project?
  3. A detailed review of one of my papers following the how to read a paper method. Your review should contain separate sections with the following information:
    • The “5Cc”;
    • A summary of the paper;
    • Questions for the authors.
  4. If you are applying for the PhD program, please send me your best paper so far and your statement of purpose describing what you want to do and why.