I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta.

My research is on knowledge management, information retrieval, and natural language processing, and I work on machine learning methods applied to these fields. I have supervised graduate level research on the problems of named entity recognition, typing and disambiguation; open relation extraction; understanding social processes in Wikipedia article authoring; mining citation networks; and semistructured data management.

I am passionate about Linked Open Data, and I work with Digital Humanities colleagues on creating, indexing, and processing knowledge graphs out of heritage, cultural, scholarly, and literary work. I am a co-PI within LINCS -- Linked Open Data for Canadian Cultural Research.

I teach databases, natural language processing, and information retrieval.

My slides for an undergraduate Database Management Systems course are now open sourced.

I serve as Vice-President of CAIAC -- the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association and as an Associate Editor of the Distributed and Parallel Databases (DAPD).

Occasionally, I serve as a reviewer for ACM Computing Reviews.

My students and I contribute often open source research code. Some recent projects:

  • EXEMPLAR (Relation Extraction)
  • WNED (Named Entity Disambiguation)
  • HRERE (Heterogeneous Representations for Neural Relation Extraction) SOTA as of NAACL 2019
  • NFETC (Neural Fine-Grained Entity Type Classification)
  • PRIMA (IR on the Internet archive)
  • LECTOR+ (information extraction from Wikipedia)



I am thrilled to count on generous support for my research from Diffbot.


in person: Office: ATH 4-51
e-mail: denilson@ualberta.ca
phone: 780-492-2285

Denilson Barbosa
Department of Computing Science
2-21 Athabasca Hall
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E8