c b krauss

Welcome to the Hompage of Carsten B Krauss

I'm an associate professor at the physics department of the University of Alberta. I am an experimental physicist interested in neutrinos and searches for dark matter. I am currently working on the P-ONE, PICO and SNO+ experiments. In the past I also worked on the SNO experiment. Recently my group started to develop a new neutrino experiment called P-ONE that is targeted to be deployed in the Pacific Ocean. These pages contain a few details about myself and some basic information about the experiments I am involved in.

If you are interested in undergraduate research experience or in graduate work in the field of dark matter search or neutrino physics, please have a look at these possible projects. You can also contact me.

If you are interested in a postion as an undergraduate summer researcher come to my office (CCIS 2-085) or call me (+1 780 492 7610). For graduate opportunities, please note that I can only accept scholarship students at the moment (for winter 2022admission).