University of Alberta

Courses Taught

At the University of Alberta

PHIL 217: Biology, Society, and Values.  Winter 2009, Winter 2013, Winter 2014      [syllabus]

PHIL 265: Philosophy of Science.  Fall 2009, Winter 2012      [syllabus]

PHIL 317: Philosophy of Biology.  Winter 2007, Winter 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013      [syllabus]

PHIL 386: Philosophy and Health Care.  Fall 2008, Fall 2010, Fall 2012      [syllabus]

PHIL 388: Philosophy and Nursing I.  Fall 2011, Fall 2013      [syllabus Sect. A1, syllabus Sect. A2]

PHIL 405/505: Philosophy of Mind – Conceptual Analysis (seminar).  Winter 2010

PHIL 405/505: Philosophy of Mind – Intuitions, Conceptual Engineering, and Experimental Philosophy (seminar).  Winter 2017, Fall 2020      [syllabus]

PHIL 412/510: Philosophy of Science – Overview of Primary Literature (seminar).  Winter 2009, Fall 2011     [syllabus]

PHIL 412/510: Philosophy of Science – Science and Values (seminar).  Fall 2015, Winter 2019     [syllabus]

PHIL 412/510: Philosophy of Science – Biological and Social Kinds (seminar).  Fall 2017, Fall 2021     [syllabus]

PHIL 415/510: Philosophy of Biology – Overview of Primary Literature (seminar).  Winter 2008, Fall 2010, Winter 2014       [syllabus]

PHIL 415/510: Philosophy of Biology – The Neuroscience of Human Diversity (seminar).  Winter 2020       [syllabus]

PHIL 510: Philosophy of Science – Science and Values (seminar).  Winter 2013      [syllabus]

At the University of Pittsburgh

Principles of Scientific Reasoning (introduction to inductive and deductive logic).  Spring 2003

Problem Solving: How Science Works (critical and quantitative reasoning course for humanities majors).  2003

Statistics and Causal Reasoning (critical and quantitative reasoning course).  Spring 2004

Morality and Medicine.  Fall 2004

Teaching Assistant (Weekly Tutorials) at the University of Pittsburgh

Introduction to Philosophy of Science

Morality and Medicine

Mind and Medicine (introduction to philosophy of mind from a historical perspective)

Explanations of Humans and Society (Freud, Skinner, and Piaget)

Teaching Assistant (Weekly Tutorials) at the University of Konstanz

Philosophy of Probability (Department of Philosophy)

Algebra (Department of Mathematics)

Algebraic Number Theory (Department of Mathematics)

Supervision and Training

Co-Supervisor of Postdoctoral Fellow

Joyce Havstad, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Integrative Research Center of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, April 2014 – August 2015. Co-supervision with Olivier Rieppel and Scott Lidgard (both at the Field Museum)

Graduate Thesis Supervisor

Tuğba Yoldaş, Ethics and AI-Consciousness: How to Account for and Sustain the Well-Being of Future AI Moral Patients. Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress (co-supervision)

Hui-Ming Chin, Self-Consciousness and the First-Person Concept. Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress

Danielle Brown, Personality Disorders as Natural Kinds: Making Room for Non-Epistemic Values in Psychiatry, in progress

Esther Rosario, Sex: Engineering a New Concept for a Biosocial Kind. Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress

Spencer Hayden, Rethinking Ontology in Science Studies: The Return of Dialectics. M.A. in Philosophy, August 2021

Yang Zhao, The Nature of Scientific Laws. M.A in Philosophy, May 2018  (co-supervision)

Zi Huang, A Phenomenological Interpretation of Organisms. M.A in Philosophy, December 2017  (co-supervision)

Nasrin Sultana, A Defense of Bertrand Russell's Theory of Definite Descriptions against Donnellan's Distinction. M.A. in Philosophy, July 2017  (co-supervision)

Ernest Howe, Critical Thinking, Philosophical Theories of Testimony, and the Challenge of Wikipedia Knowledge Claims. Ph.D. in Theoretical, Cultural and International Studies in Education (Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta), August 2015

Taylor Murphy, Cognitive Homology: Psychological Kinds as Biological Kinds in an Evolutionary Developmental Cognitive Science. M.A. in Philosophy, September 2012

Sara Weaver, A Crossdisciplinary Exploration of Essentialism about Kinds: Philosophical Perspectives in Feminism and the Philosophy of Biology, M.A. in Philosophy, September 2011 (co-supervision)

Capstone Research Paper Supervisor

Mahmoud Shabani, A Pluralistic Account of Autism: A Case for Strategic Conceptual Engineering. M.A. in Philosophy, September 2021

Addison Braa, Disabled Autonomy and the Abandonment of Assistive Technology. B.A. in Science, Technology & Society, April 2021

Eihab Idris, Human Interests and Scientific Reasoning: A Naturalistic Approach to Values in Science. M.A. in Philosophy, August 2020

Honors Thesis Supervisor

Tyler Paetkau, Righteous Rejection and Perceived Persecution: Religious Vaccine Hesitancy and the Role of Perceived Epistemic Injustice. B.A. (Honors) in Philosophy, May 2021

Taylor Murphy, Concepts and Counterfactual Reasoning. B.A. (Honors) in Philosophy, May 2010  (co-supervision)

Graduate Thesis Supervisory Committee Member

Tom Oberle, The Regress and Ground of Being. Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress

Ka Ho Lam, Natural Kind Realism, Taxonomic Monism and the Hierarchy Assumption. Ph.D. in Philosophy, September 2019

Emma Peng Chien, Beyond Cognition: Philosophical Issues in Autism. Ph.D. in Philosophy, January 2017

Nicolas Bullot, Tracking and Controlling Persons: Identification for Control in Cognitive Behaviours and Cultural Practices. Ph.D. in Philosophy, September 2015

Andrew Ball, Virtue in Context. Ph.D. in Philosophy, January 2015

Jeffery Fedorkiw, Compositionality and the Metaphysics of Meaning. M.A. in Philosophy, August 2011

Michael Flood, Eternalism, Presentism, and Change. M.A. in Philosophy, June 2011

Andrei Buleandra, The Prescriptivity of Conscious Belief. Ph.D. in Philosophy, April 2011

Aristotle Hadjiantoniou, Many-Sorted Free Logic. M.A. in Philosophy, January 2009

Graduate Thesis Defence External Examiner

Simon Pollon, Agency in the Natural World. Ph.D. in Philosophy, Simon Fraser University, November 2019

Justin Bzovy, Species Pluralism: Conceptual, Ontological, and Practical Dimensions. Ph.D. in Philosophy, Western University, November 2016

Graduate Thesis Defence Arm's Length Examiner

Peter Andes, The Ethics of Procreation and Parenthood in Affluent Nations. Ph.D. in Philosophy, January 2021

Jason Bradshaw, Decoding British Empiricism: A Distant Reading of Locke, Berkeley, and Hume. M.A. in Digital Humanities with specialization in Philosophy, September 2019

Clarisse Paron, Evaluating Challenges to Patient Autonomy in BRCA Gene Testing, Breast Cancer Culture, and Preventative Mastectomy. M.A. in Philosophy, September 2019

Ceren Yıldız, How to Reconcile Identity and What Matters in Survival: Y-Shaped Space-Time Worms. M.A. in Philosophy, September 2018

Francisco Galan Tames, Intuitions about Cases and Principles: A Defense of Reflective Equilibrium. M.A. in Philosophy, May 2018

Sarah Bezan, Nature Morte: Decomposing Darwinism's Evolutionary Aesthetics. Ph.D. in English, September 2017

Meysam Shojaeenejad, Success Semantics: Motivations, Problems, and Solutions. M.A. in Philosophy, September 2017

Paul Showler, Politics of Incommensurability: The Case of Rorty and Foucault. M.A. in Philosophy, May 2016

Stephen Speake, Debating Milk: Competing Discourses on Nutrition and Safety. Ph.D. in Sociology (Department of Sociology, University of Alberta), September 2015

Katelyn Petersen, Literature of Movement: Trends, Developments, and Prospects in Transcultural Literature as Exemplified by Contemporary German-Language Texts. Ph.D. in Germanic Languages, Literatures and Linguistics (Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta, joint Ph.D. program with the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), April 2013.

Brian Dupuis, The Cognitive Science of Reorientation. M.Sc. in Psychology (Department of Psychology, University of Alberta), September 2012

Janet Grynas, A Window on the Fatherland: Christian Kracht's Faserland in English Translation. M.A. in Translation Studies (Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta), August 2012