University of Alberta

Courses Taught

At the University of Alberta

PHIL 217: Biology, Society, and Values.  Winter 2009, Winter 2013, Winter 2014      [syllabus]

PHIL 265: Philosophy of Science.  Fall 2009, Winter 2012      [syllabus]

PHIL 317: Philosophy of Biology.  Winter 2007, Winter 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013      [syllabus]

PHIL 386: Philosophy and Health Care.  Fall 2008, Fall 2010, Fall 2012      [syllabus]

PHIL 388: Philosophy and Nursing I.  Fall 2011, Fall 2013      [syllabus Sect. A1, syllabus Sect. A2]

PHIL 405/505: Philosophy of Mind – Conceptual Analysis (seminar).  Winter 2010

PHIL 405/505: Philosophy of Mind – Conceptual Analysis, Intuitions, and Experimental Philosophy (seminar).  Winter 2017      [syllabus]

PHIL 412/510: Philosophy of Science – Overview of Primary Literature (seminar).  Winter 2009, Fall 2011     [syllabus]

PHIL 412/510: Philosophy of Science – Science and Values (seminar).  Fall 2015     [syllabus]

PHIL 412/510: Philosophy of Science – Biological and Social Kinds (seminar).  Fall 2017     [syllabus]

PHIL 415/510: Philosophy of Biology – Overview of Primary Literature (seminar).  Winter 2008, Fall 2010, Winter 2014       [syllabus]

PHIL 510: Philosophy of Science – Science and Values (seminar).  Winter 2013      [syllabus]

At the University of Pittsburgh

Principles of Scientific Reasoning (introduction to inductive and deductive logic).  Spring 2003

Problem Solving: How Science Works (critical and quantitative reasoning course for humanities majors).  2003

Statistics and Causal Reasoning (critical and quantitative reasoning course).  Spring 2004

Morality and Medicine.  Fall 2004

Teaching Assistant (Weekly Tutorials) at the University of Pittsburgh

Introduction to Philosophy of Science

Morality and Medicine

Mind and Medicine (introduction to philosophy of mind from a historical perspective)

Explanations of Humans and Society (Freud, Skinner, and Piaget)

Teaching Assistant (Weekly Tutorials) at the University of Konstanz

Philosophy of Probability (Department of Philosophy)

Algebra (Department of Mathematics)

Algebraic Number Theory (Department of Mathematics)

Supervision and Training

Co-Supervisor of Postdoctoral Fellow

Joyce Havstad, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Integrative Research Center of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, April 2014 – August 2015. Co-supervision with Olivier Rieppel and Scott Lidgard (both at the Field Museum)

Thesis Supervisor

Danielle Brown, Topic in philosophy of psychiatry. Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress

Hui-Ming Chin, Self-Consciousness and Its Mechanism: Can Bodily Experience Count as a Kind of Self-Consciousness? Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress

Esther Rosario, Sex as a Biosocial Kind: A Case of Strategic Conceptual Engineering. Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress

Zi Huang, A Phenomenological Interpretation of Organisms. M.A in Philosophy, in progress  (co-supervision)

Nasrin Sultana, A Defense of Bertrand Russell's Theory of Definite Descriptions against Donnellan's Distinction. M.A. in Philosophy, July 2017  (co-supervision)

Ernest Howe, Critical Thinking, Philosophical Theories of Testimony, and the Challenge of Wikipedia Knowledge Claims. Ph.D. in Theoretical, Cultural and International Studies in Education (Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta), August 2015

Taylor Murphy, Cognitive Homology: Psychological Kinds as Biological Kinds in an Evolutionary Developmental Cognitive Science. M.A. in Philosophy, September 2012

Sara Weaver, A Crossdisciplinary Exploration of Essentialism about Kinds: Philosophical Perspectives in Feminism and the Philosophy of Biology, M.A. in Philosophy, September 2011 (co-supervision)

Taylor Murphy, Concepts and Counterfactual Reasoning. B.A. (Honors) in Philosophy, May 2010  (co-supervision)

Graduate Thesis Supervisory Committee Member

Ka Ho Lam, Natural Kind Realism, Taxonomic Monism and the Hierarchy Assumption. Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress

Cheryl Mack, Death as a Process: Epistemological and Normative Challenges. Ph.D. in Philosophy, in progress

Jonathan Simmons, Identity and Lifestyle in the Skeptical Movement. Ph.D. in Sociology, in progress

Emma Peng Chien, Beyond Cognition: Philosophical Issues in Autism. Ph.D. in Philosophy, January 2017

Nicolas Bullot, Tracking and Controlling Persons: Identification for Control in Cognitive Behaviours and Cultural Practices. Ph.D. in Philosophy, September 2015

Andrew Ball, Virtue in Context. Ph.D. in Philosophy, January 2015

Jeffery Fedorkiw, Compositionality and the Metaphysics of Meaning. M.A. in Philosophy, August 2011

Michael Flood, Eternalism, Presentism, and Change. M.A. in Philosophy, June 2011

Andrei Buleandra, The Prescriptivity of Conscious Belief. Ph.D. in Philosophy, April 2011

Aristotle Hadjiantoniou, Many-Sorted Free Logic. M.A. in Philosophy, January 2009

Graduate Thesis Defense External Examiner

Justin Bzovy, Species Pluralism: Conceptual, Ontological, and Practical Dimensions. Ph.D. in Philosophy, Western University, November 2016

Graduate Thesis Defense Arm's Length Examiner

Sarah Bezan, Nature Morte: Decomposing Darwinism's Evolutionary Aesthetics. Ph.D. in English, September 2017

Meysam Shojaeenejad, Success Semantics: Motivations, Problems, and Solutions. M.A. in Philosophy, September 2017

Paul Showler, Politics of Incommensurability: The Case of Rorty and Foucault. M.A. in Philosophy, May 2016

Stephen Speake, Debating Milk: Competing Discourses on Nutrition and Safety. Ph.D. in Sociology (Department of Sociology, University of Alberta), September 2015

Katelyn Petersen, Literature of Movement: Trends, Developments, and Prospects in Transcultural Literature as Exemplified by Contemporary German-Language Texts. Ph.D. in Germanic Languages, Literatures and Linguistics (Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta, joint Ph.D. program with the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), April 2013.

Brian Dupuis, The Cognitive Science of Reorientation. M.Sc. in Psychology (Department of Psychology, University of Alberta), September 2012

Janet Grynas, A Window on the Fatherland: Christian Kracht's Faserland in English Translation. M.A. in Translation Studies (Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta), August 2012

Ph.D. Candidacy Examination Committee Member

James Bachmann, Project: Pure consciousness, November 2012

Michael Lockhart, Project: Epistemic virtues, June 2010

Ph.D. Specialization Examination Committee Member

Jeffrey Andrews, Topic: The evolution of cooperation, Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta, July 2013

Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination Committee Member

Danielle Brown, philosophy of science, May 2017

Hui-Ming Chin, philosophy of mind, December 2016

Esther Rosario, philosophy of science, November 2015

Nicolas Bullot, philosophy of science, November 2012

Andrew Ball, epistemology, November 2012

Cheryl Mack, philosophy of science, September 2010

Graham Sullivan, philosophy of language, June 2009

Andrei Buleandra, epistemology, December 2008

Octavian Ion, philosophy of mind, March 2007

Graduate Research Project Supervisor

Sean Boivin, Project: ‘Auxiliary Assumptions and What Objectivity Can Be in Science.’ M.A. student in the Department of Philosophy at Concordia University (Montréal). Conducting summer research in Edmonton funded by a Ministère de l'Éducation, de l'Enseignement (Québec) Student Mobility Bursary, April 18 until October 31, 2016

Undergraduate Research Project Supervisor

Camilla Zhang, Project: ‘Can Biological Phenomena Be Explained in Virtue of Mathematics?’ URI Undergraduate Researcher Stipend, Undergraduate Research Initiative, Summer 2014

Independent Study Supervisor

Elizabeth Carlson, PHIL 486 (science and values), Winter 2013

Emma Kennedy, PHIL 596 (overview of primary literature in philosophy of biology), Summer 2012

René Malenfant, BIOL 490 (overview of primary literature in philosophy of biology), Fall 2009

Taylor Murphy, PHIL 486 (integrating different theoretical approaches in biology), Summer 2009

Catherine Clune-Taylor, PHIL 596 (overview of primary literature in philosophy of biology), Summer 2009

Cheryl Mack, PHIL 596 (overview of primary literature in philosophy of science), Winter 2009

Graduate Student Mentoring

Interim supervisor of Tuğba Yoldaş, 2016–

Interim supervisor of Emily Douglas, 2012–2013

Interim supervisor of Emma Kennedy, 2011–2014

Interim supervisor of Tony Liane-Tsun Horn, 2010–2012

Interim supervisor of Erin McGregor, 2010–2011

Interim supervisor of Jordan Glass, 2009–2010

Supervision of Joel Buenting teaching PHIL 125 (Practical Logic), Summer 2009

Practice job interview with Octavian Ion, November 2013

Practice job interviews with Chris Lepock, December 2007 and March 2007