Brahms Centennial

Biographies of Johannes Brahms

  1. Austria Composer Brahms

    A comprehensive biography with a list of several links. A masterful collection of information that examines every facet of the man and his art. This biography encompasses his childhood, friends, performance tours, contemporary musicians and composers, and the affinity he had for Vienna. Definitely the best available on this subject.

  2. Brahms

    An encyclopaedia excerpt from the Microsoft Encarta source combined with a short synopsis of his life. Not overly involved, but an adequate preliminary source to find out the more commonly known facts.

  3. Centennial of the Death of Brahms

    A celebration of Brahms through essays by W. Furtwangler, G. Jenner, and the Davidsbundler, as well as translations of texts he set to music. The essays are well worth the read and provide useful insight into the work of this monumental figure.

  4. Johan Alkerstedt-Classical Music (Johannes Brahms)

    An examination of the more dramatic moments in Brahms' life and a short list of his more notable works.

  5. Johannes Brahms

    Detailed information about Brahms' chamber music, concerti, Ein Deutsches Requiem, piano music, and several links providing information on a bibliography, pictures, and a comprehensive list of works. Another excellent sight to visit.

  6. Johannes Brahms

    A discussion of Brahms' stylistic traits within his compositions. The reasoning behind his musical progress or direction is examined in relation to his contemporaries and his heritage. An interesting look at the causes and their influence on his artistic path.

  7. Johannes Brahms

    A commercially driven biography, but still worth consideration. The modesty of the man and the reputation of his work is directly stated in this page. A list of recordings follows but these are all from the sponsoring company's collection so there is little reason to accept their listing as unbiased. There are several links pertaining to recordings in the previous biographical citations. Please consider these as well.

  8. JOHANNES BRAHMS (1833-1897)

    A summary of his life and work by Ted Valentine. It gives a brief introduction into his upbringing and artistic development. The early contacts with his musical contemporaries is examined and a list of compositions follows. A comprehensive list of selected recordings is provided at the bottom of the page.

  9. Untitled

    A short concise examination of his early career, his attraction to Vienna, and a brief synopsis of his significance to the compositional craft of music.

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