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Program and Product Ideas - woman gardeningThis section links you to useful resources on this topic on external websites.

  • Volkssport Association of Alberta: This association promotes physical fitness and good health through non-competitive events. In Canada, walking events (called Volksmarches) are by far the most popular of all the Volkssport activities.

  • Be Fit for Life Centre: Connect with a local Be Fit for Life Centre or health-promotion staff at your health region for information about active living options in your community.

  • CHAMPS: Community Healthy Activities Model Program for Seniors: CHAMPS is a public health model program to promote increased lifetime physical activity among seniors.

  • Cozy Winters: This website offers a good selection of shoe grips. Two popular brands are Yak Trax and Get-A-Grip.

  • Green Gym: The Green Gym is a Canadian company that specializes in outdoor fitness equipment for all ages.

  • International Council on Active Aging: The Council has created a preferred vendor list (companies that specialize in equipment for older adults’ physical activity). This list can give you  ideas for products your local businesses may consider carrying.

  • LifeTrail: This company specializes in outdoor wellness stations for older adults.

  • Pedometer Information Sheet: This information from the Alberta Centre for Active Living gives you information about what pedometers can do and how to wear one. The information sheet is available in both English and French.

  • Steps Count: Steps Count is a reliable Canadian distributor of pedometers. This organization has several different pedometers to choose from. We recommend that you get one that only counts steps, as these are the easiest to use.

  • United Generations Ontario: This website offers ideas for developing intergenerational active living opportunities in your community.

  • Urban Poling and Keen Fit: Check out these two websites for good quality walking poles.

  • Walk On: Walk On is a regional walking program and an example of a successful walking initiative in rural Alberta.

  • Walking/Pedometers resources: Visit this part of the Alberta Centre for Active Living’s website for more information about the benefits of walking and using pedometers to track steps.

  • Walk This Way (Physical Activity Resource Centre): Walk This Way offers a self-help program to help people aged 20 to 64. This program will help people begin and stick to a walking program to increase their physical activity and prevent a stroke.

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