The group's reserach activities are focussed on advanced polymer composites, including

  • manufacturing and design
  • material behavior
  • damage prediction and structural health monitoring
  • nanocomposite materials
  • adhesively bonded joints
The research and development program is dedicated to the study of advanced materials and structures for energy applications
  • liquid and pressure containment and transport equipment
  • coatings
  • multifunctional and smart materials
  • energy storage solutions
In the context of energy storage, the research group investigates the design of viable flywheel energy storage systems made from advanced materials for various applications. The investigation of micro- and nano-filler modified polymers for enhanced properties and enabled multifunctionality (for example, for structural health monitoring systems) is an equally important research thrust for the group. The group's research actvities include collaborations with the Technische University Munich and the Leibniz Universit Hannover (both in Germany).

(Figure below: Simulation of graphene nanoplatelet modified polymer for electrical conductivity enhancement.)


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