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AIX Version 4.3 System User's Guide: Communications and Networks

List of ATE Commands

This Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (ATE) list includes:

See "List of ATE File Formats" for additional reference information.

ate Command and Subcommands

ate Starts the ATE program. Subcommands are:
break Inputs current activity on a remote system.
connect Connects to a remote computer.
directory Displays the ATE dialing directory and lets users choose an entry from the directory to connect to a remote system.
help Provides help for the ATE subcommands.
perform Allows a user to issue workstation operating system commands while using ATE.
quit Exits the ATE program.
receive Receives a file from a remote system.
send Sends a file to a remote file system.
terminate Terminates an ATE connection to a remote system.

xmodem Command

xmodem Transfers files with the xmodem protocol, which detects data transmission errors during asynchronous transmission.

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