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CIV E 636 Ice Engineering

This course focuses on topics in River Ice Engineering, focusing of the hydraulics and engineering aspects of river ice. Course content include i  ntroduction to river ice processes; ice properties; ice hydraulics; ice mechanics and load bearing capacity, aufeis; anchor ice; thermal ice processes and modeling; ice jams hydraulics (steady and unsteady flow theory) and modeling; ice jam formation and release; winter discharge measurement; ice process monitoring techniques; ice jam flood forecasting, and ice jam flood mitigation.

CIV E 431 Water Resources Engineering

The objective of this course is to provide senior level undergraduate students in civil engineering practical knowledge related to water resources engineering. Specifically, this course provides advanced training in the applications of techniques and theory in hydrology and hydraulics, providing the technical skills needed to design river engineering works and hydraulics structures.  In that context, CivE 431 is an essential prerequisite for the Water Resources Engineering Design course – CivE 439. 

This course is specifically designed for those students with an earnest interest in a professional and realistic engineering experience. It covers many practical topics including design flood determination, floodplain delineation, sediment transport and river geomorphology, river monitoring and measurement techniques, river hydraulics (including unsteady flow), river ice engineering, and hydrotechnical modeling techniques.

CIV E 395 Civil Engineering Analysis III

The objective of this course is to learn how to formulate, solve, and interpret the solutions of continuum based mathematical models of real-world civil engineering problems such as contaminant transport, heat transfer, groundwater flow, column buckling, free and forced vibration.