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School of Business

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Yonatan Reshef
School of Business

University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Prior to the execution of any operational change, management is obliged to attempt to come to an agreement with the Works Council on the Reconciliation of Interests and Social Plan.

The consultations on the ROI aim particularly at regulating:

    whether the change will be carried out;

    when it will be carried out;

    how it should be carried out.

Management must make serious efforts toward achieving a ROI. There is no obligation to come to an agreement.

Should no agreement be reached on ROI, management and Works Council may have recourse to the President of the Regional Labor Exchange to mediate in the matter.

If the President of the Regional Labor Exchange is not called upon or fails to mediate successfully the issue, the Works Council and/or management may appeal to the Conciliation Committee. The Conciliation Committee consists of even number of members appointed by the Works Council and by management and a neutral chairperson.

Finally, if this last attempt to reach an agreement fails, management may carry out the changes as it sees fit.

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