Vietnamese Students' Association

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Leadership Team

VSA's leadership team is composed of the executive council and portfolio coordinators. The executive council is made up of a president and four vice-presidents; and is responsible for providing overall leadership, administration and program planning. Each VP is responsible for management of their respective portfolios including recruitment of coordinators to help lead, plan and execute their portfolio objectives. Click here to see our Organizational Structure.

Executive Council

President - Calvin Nguyen, Dentistry
VP External - Tony Phan, Pharmacy
VP Internal - Sam Pham, Sciences
VP Finance - Dawn Tran, Commerce
VP Administration - Bao Chan Mai, Sciences

Portfolio Coordinators

Internal portfolio
Event Coordinator - Angie Duong, Sciences
Event Coordinator - Janet Hoang, Sciences
Event Coordinator - Joanne Huynh, Nursing
Sports Coordinator - Adeline Ha, Sciences

External portfolio
Alumni Representative - Dr. Cecile Phan

Finance portfolio
Fundraising Coordinator - Maily Huynh, Sciences

Information & Communications portfolio
Web Coordinator - Tammy Quach, Accounting

Contact us:

VSA Edmonton
Box 60090 RPO U of A
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2S4