Behnam Sedaee Sola
(Visiting PhD student from Amir Kabir University, Tehran, Iran)
(Co-advised by Dr. F. Rashidi and Dr. T. Babadagli)

"Investigation of Temperature Effect on Carbonate Reservoir Water/Oil Relative permeabilities in Thermal EOR"

Behnam's research focuses on heavy-oil recovery from fractured carbonate reservoirs. There exists giant heavy-oil fields in Iran (>20MMM bbl OOIP), mostly carbonate reservoirs. Development of such fields requires EOR applications. Obviously, steam injection is the first method to consider but its efficiency for highly fractured carbonates is questionable.

Behnam's research covers the development of oil-water relative permeabilities for carbonate systems. The apparatus shown below is used to run high temperature unsteady-state displacement tests. Original reservoir oil is used in all experiments.

LEFT: Original carbonate core samples used in the experiments and RIGHT: High pressure-high temperature injection system.


  1. Sola, B.S., Rashidi, F. and Babadagli, T.: “Temperature Effects on the Heavy Oil-Water Relative Permeabilities of Carbonate Rocks,” J. Petr. Sci. and Eng.,vol. 59, 2007, 27-42.