Current group

Post-doctoral fellows

  • Zixin Zhong. Start: 2022 July

  • David Janz. Start: 2021 October (remotely, as a research associate for various administrative reasons, PDF start 2022 July)

  • Johannes Kirschner. Start: 2021 September.

PhD Students

MSc Students

Summer Students


Post-doctoral fellows, research associates

  • Tadashi Kozuno. 02/2021-07/2022. Present position: Somewhere in Tokyo..

  • Sharan Vaswani. 11/2020-12/2021. Present position: Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University

  • Omar Rivasplata. Start: 2016 September with the PhD program, but already had a PhD in probability theory. At UCL from 2017 November, co-supervised with John-Shawe Taylor Present position: Senior Research Fellow, University College London

  • Omid Namaki Shoushtari 2015-2017. Present position: AMII.

  • Chandrashekar Lakshmi Narayanan, 07/2016-07/2017. Present position: faculty at IIT Palakkad.

  • Karim T. Abou-Moustafa 07/2016-07/2017. Present position: research scientist at SAS Institute, Inc.

  • Tor Lattimore 2014-2016. Present position: senior research scientist at DeepMind, London, UK

  • András György. Present position: Senior research scientist at DeepMind, London, UK

  • András Antos. Present position: researcher at Morgan Stanley

  • Dávid Pál 07/2009-07/2011. Present position: Research scientist at Expedia, NY

  • István Szita 2010-08/2011. Present position: Software engineer at Google, Zürich

  • Barnabás Póczos 2007-2010. Present position: Faculty at CMU

  • Sandra Zilles 06/2007-06/2009. Present position: Faculty at the University of Regina

  • Levente Kocsis 2005-2006. Present position: Senior researcher at SZTAKI, Hungary.

PhD students

  • Zoltán Szamonek ELTE, 2007. Zoltan decided to quit his program and since then he is an SE at Google in Zürich.

MSc Students

  • Yue (Anna) Gao. 2018-2021. Position after graduation: Research Scientist at Quincus.

  • Alex Ayoub. 2019-2021. Continued in the PhD program. Thesis: ???

  • Mikhail Konobeev (2019-2021); finished while working with Martha White. Position after graduation: PhD student, Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Shun Jie Lau (2012-2018). Present position: Software Developer at CEMWorks Inc.

  • Zoltán Kömives ELTE; co-supervised with András György 2007.
    Position after graduation: IT Consultant at SK Point. Currently Software Engineer at J.P. Morgan & Chase, UK, Glasgow.