Hi, my name is Sahil Raina and I am an associate professor of finance at the University of Alberta’s Alberta School of Business. I completed my PhD in finance from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in 2016. Prior to that, I received a Master’s degree from Columbia University in 2009 and a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in 2005. I live in Edmonton, home of the University of Alberta.


I like to study questions at the intersection of financial economics with various other fields. This interest has led me to study

  • the knowledgeability of Wall Street analysts during the housing crisis
  • the effect of debtor income manipulation on consumer defaults
  • the effect of electoral competition on the distribution of government allocation of resources
  • how informally-pivotal legislators leverage their bargaining power to benefit firms located in their districts
  • how firms’ boundary decisions respond to changes in competition in upstream and downstream industries
  • the role that founder gender plays in the performance of venture capital-financed startups

You can read more about my research by clicking on the “Research” link above or examining my CV at the link above.


I have taught various finance courses to undergraduate, MBA, and PhD students. I am currently teaching “Investments” at the undergraduate level and a PhD seminar in corporate finance. For further details on my teaching, click the “Teaching” link above.