Past Students and Research Fellows

Student's NameThesis Title Degree Graduation Year
N. JensenMultivariable Frequency Domain TechniquesPhD1981
H.K. SongSelf-tuning Feedback Control: Theory & ApplicationPhD1983
S. PonnuswamyOnline Measurements and Control of a Batch Polymerization ReactorPhD1984
W.R. CluettStable Adaptive Control in the Presence of MPMPhD1986
D. ShookExperimental Evaluation of Adaptive GPPhD1991
K.Y. KwokAdaptive Blood Pressure RegulationPhD1992
R. GudiAdvanced Control of Fermentation ReactorsPhD1995
P. BanerjeeRobustness Issues in Adaptive ControlPhD1996
B. HuangControl Performance Assessment of Multivariable Systems PhD1997
S. LakshminarayanMultivariate PLS (Projection onto Latent Surface) MethodsPhD1997
D. LiOptimization Strategies for Control-Loop TunningPhD1999
R. PatwardhanConvex Optimization Problems in ControlPhD1999
A. TangiralaNeural Net and Wave Net Tools for Process ControlPhD2001
S. ChoudhuryDetection of Process Non-linearitiesPhD2003
B. GopaluniMPC-Relevant IdentificationPhD2003
Z. HanRobust Fault Detection and IsolationPhD2004
H. RaghavanIssues in Fault Detection and IsolationPhD2004
I. AlleyneReal-time or on-line Process MonitoringPhD2006
S. AhmedIdentification of Continuous Time SystemsPhD2006
S. ImtiazMultivariate Statistical Techniques for Process ControlPhD2007
R. SharminOn-line Process MonitoringPhD2007
E. HalimFDI in Rotating MachineriesPhD2008
H. JiangMPC monitoringPhD2008
D. ChangBioinformaticsPhD2009
P. V. JampanaImage-Based Sensor DevelopmentPhD2009
S. MahadevanNMR analysis of Biological FluidsPhD2009
S. ChitralekhaBayesian Methods for FDIPhD2010
M.H. IqbalControl of a Twin-Screw ExtruderPhD2010
A. NarangIdentification and Control of Fractional SystemsPhD2011
V. Raghavan NadadoorFDI Applications in Reverse Flow ReactorsPhD2011
S.R. KondaveetiSmart Alarm MonitoringPhD2011
F. KiasiFault tolerant control systemsPhD2013
P. DuanTransfer Entropy methods for causality analysisPhD2013
Sirajil ArifinPipeline Leak detectionPhD2018
J.NaharSmart Irrigation control PhD2019
R. JohnstoneAdaptive ControlMSc1978
E. BaetsSelf-Tuning ControllerMSc1980
G. CoppusRobust Multivariable ControllerMSc1980
D. ManSingle Series Forecasting in Process ControlMSc1984
S. TjokroDesign of Adaptive PID AlgorithmsMSc1984
V. TzouanasAdaptive Control and IdentificationMSc1985
K.S. WalgamaMultivariable Adaptive Predictive ControlMSc1986
P. VermeerPractical Self-Tuning PID Controllers MSc1987
A. McIntoshPerformance and Tuning of Adaptive GPCMSc1988
M. RogersGeometric Interpretations of RLS TechniquesMSc1989
E. LauEvaluation of Robust Adaptive ControllersMSc1990
B. MounceSVD Techniques in the Analysis and Design of Control SystemsMSc1990
R. MuthaLong Range Predictive Control with ConstraintsMSc1990
S. DhaliwalExpert MIMO Predictive ControlMSc1992
V. ManiarMultivariable Adaptive ControlMSc1992
R. WaltherExpert Systems for Long Range Predictive ControlMSc1992
R. MillerAdaptive Predictive PID ControlMSc1995
A. ChiuModelling and Simulation of a Utility BoilerMSc1996
E. MuellerSignal Processing Applications in Process ControlMSc1996
C. WongMultirate Software SensorsMSc1996
R. LeungCO Boiler Dynamics and SimulationMSc1997
A. VishnubhotlaControl-Loop and Robustness Performance AssessmentMSc1997
A. YiuPerformance Assessment of Feedforward Control LoopsMSc1998
H. ZhangEstimation of Time-Delays Under Closed-Loop ConditionsMSc2000
A. BhargavaRecursive methods for FDIMSc2002
R. DromanjuDesign of Experiments for Absorber PackingMSc2002
V. KumarMonitoring of a High Pressure Polymer ReactorMSc2002
E. BaiRecursive PCA MethodsMSc2003
G. AdeleyeOptimal PID Control DesignMSc2006
M.S. AmiriOptimal PID tuning algorithmsMSc2009
N. Danesh PourPerformance Monitoring of Multivariate ControllersMSc2009
K. PopuriImaging Analysis in MedicineMSc2009
J. RamarathnamMonitoring of Web-Based ProcessesMSc2009
L. AbbasiControl using Machine LearningMSc2010
A. ShenoyNonlinear Control of a Polymer ReactorMSc2010
S. DasaniCausality identification via Bayesian NetsMSc2011
S. PareekOptimal Excitation for IdentificationMSc2011
Y. PurwarImaging in PathologyMSc2011
B. ThesenDigital Control AlgorithmsMEng1981
S. VenkatesanAdaptive Control of a Grinding CircuitMEng1983
N. SomjiAdaptive PID Control of pHMEng1985
G. KwongClinical Blood Pressure RegulationMEng1994
Researcher's NameProject TitleType Visiting Period
Dr. L. BadmusReal-Time Computer ControlPDF1996
Dr. W. LiRecursive PCA and PLSPDF2001
Dr. H. LiuOutlier detection and data cleaningPDF2002
Dr. F. AkbaryanDiagnosis of Control LoopsPDF2004
Dr. M. SahebsaraDevelopment of a Spectral Data Analysis ToolboxPDF2010
Dr. I. IzadiAlarm RationalizationPDF2015
Dr. F. YangCapturing Plant Connectivity or Topology PDF2016

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