Science Communication

Science communication is a large part of my academic life, from producing musicals about superconductors to organizing conferences! You can find some information here about my current #SciComm efforts, as well as a (mostly complete) list of all the times one of my projects made the news.
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Dance Your PhD 2018

I was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner of the 2018 Dance Your PhD competition by Science Magazine and AAAS! The winning video can be found below; the mini-musical tells the tale of electrons in a superconducting wire through the medium of swing dance. The electrons transition from unsociable beings to gregarious dance partners, culminating in a final showdown between the Cooper Pairs and spin impurity punks. For more info, check out the links in the 'In The Media' section below!

Just A Physics Conversation

Shortly after the COVID19 lockdown in March 2020, I got together with my friend and colleague, Guy Whittall-Scherfee, to explain our research to each other. And given our proclivity for karaoke, we decided to do it with a twist; through the medium of hip-hop! This video was awarded 2nd place in the 2020 EQUS Quantum Art competition.

Quantum Jazz

Given how many physicists and mathematicians seem to play an instrument, I was inspired to create a jazz-fusion song made using samples I could find on YouTube. This is an original composition using clips from 4 Physicists (Richard Feynman, Stephon Alexander, Fabiola Gianotti and Edward Teller), a Mathematician (Manjul Bhargava) and yours truly.

Santa the Scientist

'Santa the Scientist' is a children's book project, which tells the tale of how Santa uses Physics to deliver all of his Christmas presents in just one night! This was a collaboration with 3 other scientists and SciComm stars; Roshan Achal, Sarah Nersesian and Jordan Phillips. You can get an e-book version of 'Santa the Scientist' for FREE on Roshan's website.

SciComm Efforts



I am on the organizing team of ComSciConCAN 2020: Canada’s first national science communication workshop for graduate students!

ComSciConCAN took place 25th-27th July, 2020 in a digital format.

Check out the wesbite Follow us on Twitter @ComSciConCAN


I am the lead organizer of ComSciConCanWest 2020: a local Chapter of the ComSciConCan workshop, created just for STEM Graduate Students in Western Canada.

ComSciConCan took place 13th-15th November, 2020 in a digital format.

Check out the wesbite Follow us on Twitter @ComSciConCanW
Pint Of Science

Pint of Science - Edmonton

I help run the Pint of Science Festival in Edmonton: Pint of Science Canada invites scientists to your favorite local bars to discuss their latest research and discoveries over a drink or two!

Pint of Science 2020 will be from May 11th-13th, with the Edmonton locations and speakers TBA.

Check out the PoS Canada Wesbite Follow us on Twitter @pintofscienceCA

GPSA - UAlberta

I'm the President of the Graduate Physics Student Association (GPSA) at the University of Alberta.

The GPSA advocates on behalf of the graduate students in the Department of Physics, and runs the annual GPSA Symposium. The Symposium is a celebration of graduate research and includes a Public Lecture from an esteemed Canadian Physicist.

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