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T-Shirts are the backbone of SAGA.

SAGA has to establish an identity in the University community to form a strong connection with the students. However, SAGA will not follow old methods of advertising like printed signs or paper posters as our main technique. These old relics are usually ignored and rely on cutting down our beautiful forests, so instead SAGA shall use the incredible power of the t-shirt.

SAGA's t-shirts are brightly coloured, sexy, sweatshop-free, extremely funny, socially responsible, and fashionable because they are made by American Apparel. Further we will have fun creative designs provided by SAGA members. Our designs and t-shirts will appeal to a younger audience, while at the same time spread word about our club, and challenge stereotypes about poverty. Also every few months SAGA members can submit and vote on new t-shirt designs that will go onto new t-shirts. This creates more membership involvement and it also satisfies our consumer appetite to be unique. Finally, the greatest benefit for the t-shirts is that all profits will go towards international projects. Lets all cheer... 1... 2... 3... YEAH!!!

Each shirt is student designed and is from American Apparel, which means they are fair trade and sweat shop free. Our silk screening is done through Hansley.
Shirts retail for $25 each or 3 for $60.
T-Shirt Information: About the Shirts | I Love SAGA T-Shirts | [Our Designs]

10) Bright Colours
9) I Can Submit A Design
8) Sweatshop Free
7) American Apparel
6) I Can Vote For My Design
5) I Can NOT Vote For Other Designs
4) Spreads the Word and the Love About SAGA
3) All Profits Go To Int'l Projects
2) My Design STILL Made It
1) They're So Funny... I Peed My Pants