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Who are Students Against Global Apathy?

(SAGA) is a groundbreaking student organization at the University of Alberta that was literally born very, very late one night in a small tent at the footsteps of Mount Kilimanjaro. SAGA is fun, innovative, 100% non-profit, and we will change your attitude about global poverty. Our mission is simple: to get YOU thinking because you are more powerful than you think. Students are the future of the world and as such, we can determine what kind of world we want to live in and what kind of world we want for future generations.

SAGA, as young minds with open hearts, strongly believe that that the suffering of fellow human beings is the greatest shame of our modern society. We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice — where poverty is defeated and all human beings on the planet live in peace, security and sustainability. Tsk…. not possible you say.

Just watch us.

-Alex Daraseng, Founder

About Us: Who We Are | Main Goal | Faces Of Saga | Past Donations | FAQ


Simply, we want to get YOU thinking.

Open up your mind, you are more powerful than you think. Behind all the funny t-shirts and important fundraisers this is what we really want. You don't have to be perfect and you don't have to be a stereotype, but why can't we be original and have passionate ideas.

If there was a whole generation of creative, young, educated, open-minded students do you really think they couldn't make a difference in the world?

It can't just be me and it can't just be you. It is all about motivation. We need ideas and we need people behind the ideas. If enough people want something, they can get it.
There is strength in numbers. Thousands and thousands can create a critical mass and seriously save someone's life.

Maybe it's a little crazy... but this is the idea that I came up with under the stars one night.
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About Us: Who We Are | Main Goal | Faces Of Saga | Past Donations | FAQ

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About Us: Who We Are | Main Goal | Faces Of Saga | Past Donations | FAQ

Q. What does SAGA do besides sell t-shirts?
A. Well, I can give you a 2 second response or I can give you my heart and soul.
Like anything in life everything is about perspective. The world is whatever you make out of it and conflicting emotions such as truth, beauty, sadness, empathy, ecstasy, humour, and rage can be expressed in the exact same object. The object doesn't change, but it is the person and their perspective. Where you just see a t-shirt; I forget about the t-shirt and imagine so much more.

Where you just see a t-shirt, I see…
- an idea that has no limits,
- the perfect conversation starter for issues that are too easily ignored,
- hundreds of walking billboards saying "Poverty Can Be Defeated",
- a catalyst that wakes up a dormant generation,
- a first step leading to further action,
- a bridge connecting those who care and don't act, to those that do,
- a hand that can shove people who are sitting on the fence to give a damn,
- a brand-new way of fundraising where people don't even realize they are giving a donation (and when they do realize, it is a surprise and a giant bonus),
- thousands of dollars given to charity and it will save human lives,
- a club, barely six months old, and it already has name recognition,
- Africa getting some attention that is not in body counts or corrupt politicians,
- imagination conquering over greed,
- young students becoming passionate about their beautiful and fragile world,
- a canvas that showcases creativity and builds self-confidence, - courage growing within a generation that realizes it chooses its own future, and
- an idea so stupidly simple, it can embrace the world

Therefore, if the excessive amounts of metaphors are any indication I am obliviously crazy or I see the t-shirts as an example of symbolism. Symbols such as the Maple Leaf or the Berlin Wall, are capable of creating passionate responses and I want the same reaction to SAGA t-shirts.
We need new ideas that empower our generation because the issue of poverty needs an overall slap in the face. We constantly and painfully underachieve; this shouldn't be acceptable and if our generation ever had the courage to open up our imaginations and actually do something the result would be unbelievably amazing. Millions of lives could be saved and we could be doing it. That opportunity exists and the only question that remains is… Are we going to take it??
And for the 2 second response… SAGA also sells Underwear!
(Posted March 06 - A. Daraseng)