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Principles and fundamental subjects in mining Engineering are presented. The course covers the topics at advanced level. In addition to the mining engineering students, this course is beneficial to student in other disciplines and students admitted to the Mining Engineering program without undergraduate degree in Mining Engineering
Yashar Pourrahimian, PhD, PEng
MIN E 610: Principles of Mining Engineering
Topics   Concept to be learned
Mining terminology and stages of mining
All the terms used in mining, particularly those that are peculiar to
either mines or minerals. Definition of mineral resource, reserve,
and stages of mining based on CIM definition standards. 
Mining methods and their selection
What determines the type of mining (OP or UG). Comparison of 
surface and underground mining from different points of view such
as waste production, process, and etc.
Surface mining
Classification of surface mining methods, mining process, and
selection of mining equipment. Waste dump design and management.
Underground mining
 Different classification methods for underground mining, advanced
(MCDM[1], FAHP[2]) and traditional selection methods,
mining process, and selection of mining equipment. 
Mine planning and cut-off grade estimation for
Underground and surface mines
Cut-off garde in open-pit and underground mines, cut-off garde
between two processes, cut-off garde with the variable recovery,
opportunity cost of not using the optimum cut-off grade, cut-off grade
and optimization of processing plant operating conditions.

[1] Multi-Criteria Decision Making

[2] Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

MIN E 413: Surface Mining Methods and Operations Managements
*3.8 (fi 8) (first term, 3-0-3/2). Principles and application of surface mining methods (mechanical, aqueous, and continuous surface mining methods). production and productivity considering the generation of mine specific land form structures. Loading and hauling systems. Water drainage systems. Haul road design and maintenance. Waste dump and tailings facility design and management. Closure and reclamation. Prerequisites: MIN E 310, 330,323, and 325.

Other Courses Taught
MIN E 325: Mine Planning and Design
MIN E 407: Principles of Mine Ventilation
MIN E 402: Mine Design Project I
Surface Mine Planning and Design
Surface Mining
Rock Mechanics
Tunnel and Shaft Excavation
Design of Supports in Mines
Computers applications in Mining Engineering
Mine Field Trip
Static and Strength of Materials
MIN E 403: Mine Design Project II
*4.5 (fi 8) (second term, 1-1s-6). Second phase of a dynamic scenario-based mine feasibility study from exploration through operations to final mine closure plan. The course follows MIN E 402 with detailed mine plans and equipment selection, manpower, ventilation, processing, environment and economic analyses. Prepare regular team reports and presentations. Present findings during a half-day final industry seminar. Weekly seminars with instructor and industry experts. Prerequisite: MIN E 402. Note: Restricted to fourth-year traditional and fifth-year co-op Mining Engineering students.

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