Mining Optimization Laboratory (MOL)

The MOL is a research consortium directly sponsored by industry members who exclusively receive research    results. MOL research focuses on two major themes:

Mine Planning and Design Optimization.

Simulation Optimization of Mining Systems.

MOL research focuses on using operations research and advanced analytical methods such as mathematical modeling, optimization, discrete event/continuous simulation, and intelligent agents to arrive optimal or near-optimal solutions to complex, large-scale mine planning/operations decision-making problems.

Short Courses - Professional Development 2019


Strategic Mine Planning & Optimization - Geovia Whittle - Perth, Australia - 5 days - April 8-12, 2019

Strategic Mine Planning & Optimization - Geovia Whittle -  Toronto, Canada - 5 days -May 6-10, 2019

● Strategic Mine Planning & Optimization - Geovia Whittle - Lima, Peru - 5 days - June 24-28, 2019

Strategic Mine Planning & Optimization - Geovia Whittle - Porto Alegre, Brazil - 5 days -Sep. 2-6, 2019

Simulation of Mining Systems using Arena - Edmonton- 4 days - September 24-27, 2019

Strategic Mine Planning & Optimization - Geovia Whittle - Santiago, Chile - 5 days -Oct 7-11, 2019

Open Pit Mine Design using Geovia Gems - Toronto, Canada - 2 days - October 21-22, 2019

Short-Term Mine Planning using MineSched - Toronto, Canada - 3 days -October 23-25, 2019

More information contact Dr. Hooman Askari: 

MOL 9th Annual Technical Seminar 2018 - Video Conference

September 19, 2018 - University of Alberta - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Attend in Person or as a Remote Audience through Web Conferencing


1 - Industrial Strength Simulation Modeling - Mining and Processing Systems

2 - Surface Mine Planning Optimization and Tailings Management - Oil Sands, Gold, and Iron Ore
3 - Underground Mine Planning / Block Cave Production Scheduling

4 -  Prototype Software Demo / Graphical User Interface / Input- Output Analysis

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More information contact Dr. Hooman Askari: 


The previlages of  MOL membership are:

MOL communicate the results of the research with sponsors on an ongoing basis with a major meeting once a year, these meetings will give the sponsor companies the opportunity to have inter-sponsor communication and exchange of ideas among industry representatives and the University researchers and students.

● Sponsors have direct input into the definition of research projects through Thesis Partners program, where researchers are paired with sponsoring companies to work on innovative research projects with defined scope and deliverables directly related to the company’s problems,

Exceptional Students – Excellent Employees: opportunity in recruiting highly qualified personnel who have directly worked on your problems,

Sponsors will receive copies and access to prototype software resulted from research, annual research reports (hardcopy and CD-ROM), papers, theses, and other publications created by the research group, and sponsors may utilize and disclose such data and information in their organizations, and

The primary investigator will serve as liaison with sponsor companies through site visits and needs-analysis.