MOL Research

Mining Optimization Laboratory (MOL) is an industrial research consortium at the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta.

The objective of the research group is to focus on creative, far-sighted fundamental research addressing industry applicative needs. MOL carries out research projects with clear objectives, scope, deliverables, and timelines with focus on two major areas:

  1. Simulation / Optimization of Mining Systems.

    MOL Goals

    The objectives of the MOL research group are to:

     Train highly qualified personnel (HQP) in the area of mine planning and design, 

     Extend mining industries' best practice guidelines and standards in the area of mine planning and design,

    Explore, develop, and implement novel methodologies and models for risk-based mine planning and design by exploring research areas of stochastic mathematical programming and multi-agent learning algorithms,

    Demonstrate the efficiency of the advanced developed models, techniques, and guidelines with real mine data and apply the methodologies to case studies to verify and validate the models and promote industrial applications,

    Ensure that the verified and validated models and results are transferred into industry by publishing annual progress reports, presentations, proto-type software and procedure guidelines.

    Scope of Research at MOL