Resources and learning activities for the Rh Module include the following:

  1. Web-based course notes

  2. Class discussion list

  3. Online transfusion medine resources

  4. Textbooks and papers in Suggested Reading

  5. Assignments

Suggested Sequence of Activities

The Rh Module is designed so that topics may be taken in any order. However, we recommend that assignments and the examination be submitted according to the suggested sequence.

Topic (enrichment activity)
Associated Activities and Assignments
  • Introduction
  • Antigens (EA #1)
  • Inheritance
  • Nomenclature
  • Weak D (Du)
  • Antibodies (EA #2)
To be done according to sequence in the module:

  • Enrichment activity #1 on Rh(D) in Taiwan
  • Enrichment activity #2 on Rh antibodies as a cause of severe HDN
  • Assignment 1
  • Rh(D) typing (EA #3)
  • Switching Rh(D) groups
  • Rh phenotyping (EA #4)
  • Advanced topics
  • Enrichment activity #3 on RhIg as a source of passive anti-D
  • Enrichment activity #4 on Rh phenotyping

  • Assignment 2