Past Imperfect

A Journal for Student Scholarship in History

Since 1992, Past Imperfect has published the work of history students from various institutions across North America. The journal is edited by PhD students at the University of Alberta and is supported by the Department of History and Classics and the History and Classics Graduate Students' Association (U of A). Its mandate is to provide greater editorial support for students than is usually provided by other scholarly journals. The result is that a variety of stimulating articles drawn from seminar papers and thesis research is now available to interested scholars.


Volume 7, to be published in October, will consist of papers delivered at The Imperfect Past conference hosted by the journal and the Department of History and Classics in August 1997.


Articles submitted to Past Imperfect are refereed by leading scholars in the appropriate fields. Referees are instructed to hold the articles to the same standards as that of any scholarly journal.


Articles appearing in this journal are abstracted in America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts.

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Abstracts of Past and Current Articles

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