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                                                                   (underlined names represent trainees)

1.   Tilstra M, Nielsen CC, Tiwari I, Jones A, Osornio Vargas AR, Quemerais B, Bulut O, Salma J, Yamamoto SS. Exploring socio-environmental effects on community health in Edmonton, Canada to understand older adult and immigrant risk in a changing climate. Urban Climate, 44:101225 (1-19),, Jul 12th, 2022. Open Access

2.    Suarez RG, Osornio Vargas AR, Wine E. Ambient air pollution and pediatric inflammatory bowel diseases: An updated scoping review. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Jun 25th, 2022.

3.    Wine O, Spier J, Kovacs-Burns K, van Manen M, Osornio Vargas A. A case study unpacking the collaborative research process: Eight essential components. Environmental Science & Policy, 131:209-220, May 1, 2022

4.    Wine O, Osornio Vargas A, Campbell S, Hosseini V, Koch CR, Shahbakhti M. Cold climate impact on air pollution-related health outcomes: A Scoping Review. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022, 19(3), 1473; Jan 28, 2022. Open Access

5.    Muñoz-Pizza DM, Mariana Villada-Canela M, Rivera-Castañeda P, Osornio-Vargas A, Martínez-Cruz AL, Texcalac-Sangrador JL. Barriers and opportunities to incorporate scientific evidence into air quality management in Mexico: a stakeholder’s perspective. Environmental Science and Policy, 129:87-95, Mar 1, 2022.

6.     Morales-Rubio RA, Amador-Muñoz OA, Rosas-Pérez I, Sánchez-Pérez Y, García-Cuellar C, Segura-Medina P, Osornio-Vargas A, De Vizcaya-Ruiz A. PM2.5 induces airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation via the AhR pathway in a sensitized Guinea pig asthma-like model. Toxicology, 465(2022) 153026,, Nov 10th, 2021.

7.     Villeneuve PJ, Lam S, Tjepkema M, Pinault L, Crouse DL, Osornio Vargas A, Hystad P, Jerrett M, Lavigne E, Stieb DM. Residential proximity to greenness and adverse birth outcomes in urban areas: findings from a national Canadian population-based study. Environmental Research, 2021, 112344,, Nov 3rd, 2021.

8.     Tilstra M, Tiwari I, Niwa L, Campbell S, Nielsen C, Jones A, Osornio Vargas A, Bulut O, Quemerais B, Salma J, Whitfield K, Yamamoto S. Scoping Review: Risk and resilience: How is the health of older adults and immigrant people living in Canada impacted by climate- and air pollution-related exposures? Int J Environ Res Pub Health, 2021, 18(20):10575,, Oct 9th, 2021. Open Access

9.    Malakootian M, Nasiri A, Osornio-Vargas AR, Faraji M. Effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on DNA methylation of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Toxicology Research, 2021, 10,1045-1051, 31st.

10.    Vu KOsornio-Vargas A, Zaïane O, Yuan Y. Ranking Association Rules from Data Mining for Health Outcomes: A Case Study of Effect of Industrial Airborne Pollutant Mixtures on Birth Outcomes. In: Kilgour D.M., Kunze H., Makarov R., Melnik R., Wang X. (eds) Recent Developments in Mathematical, Statistical and Computational Sciences. AMMCS 2019. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Vol 343:633-643. Springer, Cham. 30th, 2021.

11.    Almaraz-De-Santiago J, Solis-Torres N, Quintana-Belmares R, Rodriguez-Castro A, Rivas-Santiago B, Huerta-García J, Mercado-Reyes M, Enciso-Moreno JA, Villagomez-Castro J, González-Curiel I, Osornio-Vargas A, Rivas-Santiago CE. Long-Term Exposure to Particulate Matter from Air Pollution Alters Airway β-defensin-3 and -4 and Cathelicidin Host Defense Peptides Production in a Murine Model. Peptides, 142:170581. May 27th, 2021.

12.     Amjad S, Chojecki D, Osornio Vargas A, Ospina MB. Wildfire exposure during pregnancy and the risk of adverse birth outcomes: A Systematic Review. Environ Int 156(2021)106644;  May 21st, 2021. Open Access

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