Current Projects

1 .       Co-Applicant. Creighton E (PI). Integrating Prenatal Environmental Health Education into Clinical Care in Canada: The PEHE Study. CIHR. 2019 - 2022.  

2.          Co-Applicant. Maria Ospina (PI). Lii Zaanfaan: Understanding Health and Well-being Trajectories of Métis Children in Alberta. CIHR. 2020 - 2024.

3.     Co-Applicant. Matt Hicks and Anne Hicks (Co-PIs). Maternal-infant dyad health outcomes: infant neurodevelopment, respiratory illnesses, dyad sleep patterns and maternal mental health in pre-and post-natal maternal cannabis use – A prospective cohort study. CIHR. 2020 - 2025. 

4.     Co-Applicant. Peter Wilk (PI). Climate change-related health inequalities in Canada: How hot temperatures affect vulnerable groups living in large urban centres. CIHR. 2020 - 2024.    

5.     Co-Applicant. Dr. Liang Li and Dr. Matthew Hicks (Co-Leads). Canadian Analytic Network for Outcome Prediction in Exposures (CANOPIE). 2020 Innovation Fund. Canada Foundation for Innovation.

6.     Co-Investigator with Dr. Shelby Yamamoto. Climate change surveillance for chronic health effects. Enhanced Surveillance for Chronic Disease Program (ESCDP), Public Health Agency of Canada. 2020 - 2023.

7.     Co-Applicant. Dr. Matt Hicks (PI). Maternal-child dyad health outcomes: neurodevelopment at three years in the context of maternal cannabis use - an extension of a prospective cohort study. CIHR. 2022 – 2027.


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