Administering the IDQ Questionnaires

Beginning with the Fall Term of 2000, the quidelines for administration listed below will be provided to users of the GFC catalog on a USRI Administration Feedback form.

This Feedback form has been introduced in an attempt to 1) collect data concerning the conditions under which the USRI questionnaires have been administered, and 2) serve as a reminder of the GFC policy regarding the administration of these questionnaires.

This form will be distributed as a cover page for each set of USRI questionnaires that are generated. It is expected that it will be completed and returned to CNS along with the completed ratings questionnaires.

  1. Questionnaires should be administered prior to the last week of the course.
  2. Adequate time must be allowed at the beginning of class for completion of the questionnaire.
  3. The instructor should not be present while the students respond to the questionnaire and should neither distribute nor collect the questionnaires. Students should be asked to complete the questionnaires under examination conditions, i.e., quietly and individually.
  4. Instruct students to use a soft-leaded (HB) pencil to fill in the circles (perhaps extra pencils should be brought to class)--the mark reader will not pick up inked responses. Students must completely fill in the appropriate circles--marks such as 'X' or '/' cannot be read reliably. If a student wishes to change a response, the undesired mark must be completely erased, not merely crossed out.
  5. If open-ended questions have been included as part of the questionnaire, instruct the students to respond to these on the back of the form. It is essential that students only fill in the appropriate circles on the front of the form as any other marks may interfere with the mark reading. Note that changing the name of the instructor or course by writing over it is not sufficient to have this change reflected in the reports. Any such changes must explicitly be brought to the attention of the TSQS operator via a covering letter.
  6. All questionnaires, including unused ones, should be collected at the end of the class. Students should not be allowed the option of completing and submitting the questionnaires at their own convenience. Questionnaires that are submitted separately from those of the rest of the class will not be accepted for processing since the conditions under which these questionnaires were completed is open to question.

Unless your Department has specified a different procedure, arrange for another person (perhaps a student) to collect the completed forms and return them to the Chair or designate who will then forward them to TSQS. Since each questionnaire has the original Requisition Number printed on it, it is not necessary to submit a Requisition form with the completed questionnaires. However, please ensure that questionnaires from several requisitions are not mixed together when delivering them for processing.

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