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Optical Mark Reader


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Test Scoring & Questionnaire Services are provided by CNS to support test scoring, survey data collection, and general data-entry activities which employ optical mark reader (OMR) technology. A major activity of this centre is the generation and processing of students' ratings of instruction questionnaires using the Instructor Designed Questionnaire (IDQ) system.

The optical mark readers may be used for an extensive variety of special applications including the scoring of standardized (published) tests, and data entry from an unlimited variety of customized forms.

Special applications are installed (at a price) for use by specific clients. For further information about developing an application for your unique needs, please contact Dan Precht.

Services are provided on a cost recovery basis. For prices, please refer to the current rate schedule. TSQS is located in Room 240 of the General Services Building.

Support staff (Test.Scoring@Ualberta.ca) include:

  • Margaret Lajczak, Consultant/Operator (phone 780-492-2741)
  • Margarita Stewart, Consultant/Analyst (phone 780-492-2741)
  • Dan Precht, Team Leader/Analyst (phone 780-492-9336)

Our mailing address is:

Test Scoring & Questionnaire Services
Computing and Network Services
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1
(Fax: 780-492-1729)

A number of our pages are "pdf" files which require Adobe's Acrobat® Reader in order to view or print them. You can download a copy of this free plug-in from Adobe.

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