Tyler Rolheiser PhD

Tyler Rolheiser

PhD, University of Oregon
Post-Doctorate Research Fellow



I was born and raised in the middle of the rural Canada, and went to the University of Saskatchewan to complete both a Bachelor's and Master's of Science. Following this, I uprooted myself and landed at the University of Oregon to complete my PhD in Human Physiology.

The goal of my research is to define the relationship between diseases of the central nervous system and a patient’s behavioral deficits. To examine this question, I employ a variety of MRI analysis techniques (fMRI, DTI) as well as cognitive and motor behavior testing to help develop biomarkers or return-to-work guidelines. I have used this approach to study many different forms of pathology, with Parkinson Disease and traumatic brain injury serving as my greatest areas of expertise. 

I have contributed to several Professional Associations including the Society for Neuroscience, American Academy of Neurology, Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sports Psychology, Canadian Society for Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science, and North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity.

Below are a couple recent examples of my work:

Rolheiser T, Stamatakis EA, Tyler LK (2012) Dynamic processing in the human language system: Synergy between the arcuate fascicle and the extreme capsule. Journal of Neuroscience, 31 (47), 16949-16957.

Rolheiser T, Fulton H, Good KP, Leslie R, Fisk JD, McKelvey, JR, Schoffer, K, Scherfler C, Khan, NM, Robertson HA (2011) Olfactory Testing and Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Olfactory Tract and Substantia Nigra in de novo Parkinson’s Disease. Journal of Neurology, 258 (7), 1254-1260.


Tyler DTI Image