Neuroscience: A Journey Through the Brain

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This site is designed to give any interested student an overview of basic concepts in Neuroscience. Each section is illustrated with animations and custom graphics to help students visualize the concepts. The Glossary provides definitions of many of the major topics covered in this site as well as others that often appear when discussing neuroscience. The Links section provides links to other web resources for each topic, as well as several knowledge-testing quizzes. High school students may use this resource as a more in depth look at many of the topics covered in Biology 30. In the Alberta K-12 curriculum for Biology 30, the learner outcomes related to Neuroscience begin on page 43 of 70 and include the following:

Many prospective students are interested to find out what sort of topics Neuroscience courses at the University of Alberta cover. Other students may need to learn basic Neuroscience principles for a variety of courses, and this site is constructed to illustrate many of the basic concepts of Neuroscience.

Courses at the U of A that focus on Neuroscience include: Psychology 275, 371, 377, 475, 478; Physiology 210/211, 372, 401, 402, 403, 444, 527; Neuroscience 443, 450, 451, 452, 472; Psychiatry 511; Pharmacology 371, 407, 412, 509, 512; Zoology 342. Other related courses include Botany 380 (Drug Plants of the World) and Pharmacology 305 (An Introduction to the Pharmacology of Drug Abuse).

Check out the following sections of the University calendar for more details on the above courses:

Botany Courses
Neuroscience courses

Pharmacology Courses

Physiology Courses

Psychiatry Courses

Psychology Courses

Zoology Courses

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