NESA (Nepalese Scholars' Association) at the University of Alberta, is aimed at serving as a bridge to provide a guide to the potential Nepalese scholars. NESA brings the Graduate/Undergraduate Students, Post Doctoral Fellows and Staffs of Nepalese origin together; majority being the graduate students. In recent years, the U of A has seen the rapid increase in the number of students and professionals of Nepalese origin; exceeding 30 from a hand full of people. Thus, NESA is a means of uniting these people under a formal body at U of A. We believe this will benefit its members as well as the whole university community.

This organization strives to provide a common platform, where scholars under NESA, can bring the Edmonton community closer to Nepal and its diaspora through academic, social, outreach and cultural initiatives. NESA members have involved in a variety of volunteering activities through the Nepalese society in Edmonton, such as Radio Kathmandu at on-campus radio CJSR FM88.5, Heritage Festival, etc, to promote the Nepalese culture and heritage.

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Nepalese Scholars' Association

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Canada

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Diaspora of Nepalese Scholars at the University of Alberta