Moin A. Yahya

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Professor of Law Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta

Working papers: (These are papers in progress, so all comments are welcome)

Selected Publications

1. Infringement & the International Reach of U.S. Patent Law (with Cameron Hutchison) (draft version) 17 FED. CIR. B.J. 241 (2008)

2. 'Left Behind' after Sarbanes-Oxley (draft version) (with Craig Lerner) 44 American Crim. L. Rev. 1383 (2007)

3. Does a Judge's Party of Appointment or Gender Matter to Case Outcomes? an Empirical Study of the Court of Appeal for Ontario (draft version) (with James Stribopoulos) 45 Osgoode Hall L. J. 315 (2007)

4. Shareholders, Creditors, and Directors' Fiduciary Duties: A Law and Finance Approach (with Remus D. Valsan) 2 VA. L. & BUS. REV. 1 (2007)

5. Deterring Roper's Juveniles: Why the Logic of Roper Implies That Juveniles Require the Death Penalty More Than Adults - a Law & Economics Approach (draft version), 111 Penn State Law Rev. 53 (2006).

6. Book Review of Joel Bakan's The Corporation ,(2006) 43 Alberta Law Review 1075

7. The Law & Economics of Sue and Dump: Should Plaintiffs Attorneys Be Prohibited from Trading the Stock of Companies they Sue?, 39 Suffolk University Law Review 425 (2006)

8. Serhan v. Johnson v. Johnson: A Case Comment (with Russ Brown) (2005) 43 Alberta Law Review 469

9. Can I Sue without Being Injured?: Why the Benefit of the Bargain in Product Liability is Bad Law and Bad Economics? (draft version), 3 Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy 83 (2005).

10. Respecting Civil Juries (draft version) (with Russ Brown) (2005) 30 The Advocates' Quarterly 110.

11. The Evolution of Sherman Act Case Law: A Roadmap for Competitive Federalism (with Bruce Johnsen) 7 U. PA. J. CONST. L. 403 (2004) .

12. My PhD thesis at Library and Archives Canada .

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