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An Introduction to the Silver Age
of Russian Poetry

I created this web page to fulfill the requirements of
EDPY 597: The Internet, a course I took at the University of Alberta.
My previous degree is in Russian Literature, so I took this opportunity
to add to the presence of Russian Poetry in cyberspace.

I would like to thank the professors who inspired me:
John Barnstead, Ieva Viitens, and Doug Clayton.
I hope you enjoy this!

This page contains an introduction to the Silver Age of Russian Poetry, including information about several major poets of the period, accompanied by English translations of selections of their poetry. Unless otherwise marked, the translations are my own attempts. I have also included information about dealing with the Russian language on the Web.

The term "Silver Age" cannot be pinned down to a specific time frame. It is a term that refers collectively to the artistic movements of the tumultuous years of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Russia. Three of these movements that encompassed poetry were Symbolism, Acmeism and Futurism.



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The Acmeists


The Futurists

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The Silver Age of Russian Poetry
created by Lindsay Malcolm

last modified: August 8th, 1999