The Spitfire Project
Celebrating 70 years

Updated: 12 February 2006

Welcome to the The Spitfire Project. This page is to be a resource for the the Solid Model Memories group. We are a group of carvers who still practice the nearly forgotten art of carving Solid or Shelf models in much the same fashion as was practiced primarily in the 1930's and 40's.

This is the Spitfire Project Topic Heading if you want to follow the discussion so far. Follow this link to see Pictures. For those of you interested but not yet a member of our merry band, I say give it a whirl.

1:48 scale models of K-5054, the "First of the Few"

The gang of us have had a couple of "Cook-Up" style builds in the past and there are a couple who now seem interested in some sort of "Semi-Unofficial-Style" Spitfire Cook-Up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first flight of the prototype K-5054. At the moment there seems to be some interest in building odd-ball types or even pre-prototype or abandoned types. We are a real "to-each-his-own" group, so I'd suggest that if you build it we will applaud.

1:72 US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics A-19

Below can be found some plans from which to begin your research. Though it's true that you can never have too much information, you'll also find below a one stop shop from which an absolute beginner will find everything needed to build a nice model. The Spitfire is a perfect first solid for anyone who would like to try their hand at it.

This page will be updated from time to time as more documents, or your model photos are submitted.

8" wing span "Chew Toys" for a teething boy

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Beginnerís One Stop Shop

This does not need be a difficult hobby. Though there are some builders in our group with a great deal of talent and ingenuity, simple models, like the ones I produce, are neither difficult to produce nor taxing of your time. School boys did these every day 60-70 years ago :-)

The US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics developed a beautiful set of plans and instructions in the hopes of having school boys carve out 500,000 Spotter Models for use by the military. If you follow these simple instructions and plans I GUARENTEE that you will complete a beautiful model, first time out! Even those of you who have built Solids in the past will enjoy looking through these instructions.

Planset A-19, The Supermarine Spitfire

Procedure Chart for Building Scale Model Aircraft

Construction Procedure Manual (colour cover)

Construction Procedure Manual

Plans for the Supermarine Spitfire

Here are a few drawings that can be used as the basis for your Spitfire build.

WANTED: Any plans, drawings, links or info that you would be willing to share to the project.

William Wylam drew the nicest plans from the Golden Era. Perhaps more accurate plans have been rendered since this set first appeared in the February 1941 issue of Model Airplane News, but for nostalgic sake, nothing can beat Wylam.
William Wylam's Supermarine Spitfire Mk II

The following set includes some pre-prototype versions, interesting to see the design development.
Pre-Prototype drawings NOT YET AVAILABLE

Spitfire III with Roc-type floats and enlarged fin and rudder, late 1940.
Spitfire on Floats

The main source drawing for my prototype, K-5054 models.
Prototype K-5054 drawings

Another drawing for the prototype, K-5054 model. This time it is William Winter's 24" wing span rubber powered Stick & Tissue model. A solid carved nose section just squeaks her into qualify :-)
Winter's K-5054 drawings

Canada's Easybuilt Models Spitfire Solid
Easybuilt Spitfire

The Speed Spitfire, found on Modeler's Resource Air Racers 1919-1939 page.
The Speed Spitfire

In case you missed it above, the plans from the US Navy Spotter model of the Spitfire
Spotter Spitfire

Spitfire Links

Some nice Russian Drawings Lou found. Good cross sections

The Spitfire Society Homepage with links

RAF Battle of Britain Spitfire page

RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Fighters page

Clive Du Cros' wonderful Spitfire prototype replica

A plastic Spit by Brett Green. The plastics guys are a different breed ;-) but I for one have learnt much from reading similar pages

IPMS Stockholm Spitfire Photo Detail Sets

Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX in Detail

Spitfire F Mk 24 in Detail

Spitfire PR Mk XIX in Detail

Spitfire Mk I in Detail

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