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May 2002


Hey you regulars, nice to see you back. For those of you new to this magazine, welcome to the gang. We are becoming quite a large group if I do say so myself. It is a thrill hearing from you - messages of a story enjoyed, or of a model built from the plans, or of how a feature sparked a memory. Heck my buddy Jim even sent in a picture of Henry Struck's Fokker D7 from the Feb 2002 issue. Dennis in Maine sends word that the American Zipper from the Nov 2001 issue could probably do with a scaled up wing, but otherwise was a lot of fun. Dennis carved his first prop for that crate! Heck, sometimes I even get help before the issue is posted. This month Bob gave me a history lesson, and another Bob helped fill in some holes in my collection. As a matter of fact, there have been more than a few Bobs who have been kind to me in the recent past. There has also been some valued criticism, some regarding content, some directed toward internet techie problems that I am slowly trying to learn about and improve upon. Keep those letters coming. I'll try my best to reply promptly, though if by chance you don't hear back - try again, ol' fumble fingers here probably just lost something in the shuffle.

This month's theme did indeed get lost in the shuffle. Like one of Robbie Burn's "best laid plans of mice and men," this months theme went all for heck. I just kept on coming up with disjoint things that I really wanted to post.

So resist the temptation to link these in any way, and simply enjoy Vol. 2 No. 4.

The Story

This month's cover magazine, the November 1936 issue of Flying Aces, is full of great stuff including this Kerry Keen "Griffon" novelette by our old friend Arch Whitehouse. Again, Keen and his faithful sidekick Barney O'Dare (a.k.a. Ginsberg and Pulski at times in this story) battle wits and brawn with foreign agents and their Department of Justice nemesis Drury Lang.

This month I've included those neat little clip-art drawings that have nothing at all to do with the narrative, but that Flying Aces would sprinkle throughout their stories. Now I can not imagine why I haven't been doing this all along.

As an added surprise, be sure not to miss out on this month's Solid Model feature!

Enjoy, Sea Hanger Snare.

Sea Hanger Snare - to print & read with glorious illustrations
Sea Hanger Snare - to read off web (sorry no illustrations)

The Rubber Powered Model Airplane Plans

Both the Scale and Sport models this month were found tucked between the creased cracking covers of the November 1936 issue of Flying Aces.

The Profile Speedster is another one of those charming all-balsa go-to-the-school-yard models that no one did better than the great Louis Garami. Nice proportions on a simple model that you won't be afraid to take out with a bit of wind, or over a pokey field that would otherwise do grievous damage to a fine tissue job.

This month's scale plan is a bit of a mystery. Drawn up by my favorite draftsman, William Winter, this model is simply listed as the M.A.C. Fighter. As close as I can gather, the plane was probably a variation on a mid-30's race plane from the folks that brought us the Hawks HM-1 and the Gee-Bee/Q.E.D series of racers. It was a small community of these designers who not only wanted to win races, but to also make a living building and selling airplanes. If I were to build this one, I'd convince myself that they did indeed sell the design, but rather to the Army... who insisted on retracts!

Garami's Profile Speedster
Winter's M.A.C. Fighter Article -/- Plan

The Solid Model Airplane Plan

This month's solid model reveals a bit of a surprise. Drawn by none other than Arch Whitehouse himself, feast your eyes on a complete 3-view of the Griffon's own ride, the Black Bullet! This is one of those good guy amphibian, does everything, fantasy flyers. Sure it is a bit of an odd looking duck, but it could take on the world! Direct from the musty pages of the November 1936 issue of Flying Aces check out...
The Griffon's New Black Bullet

All The News...

One of the recurring features in the old Flying Aces magazine was the Modern Planes Album. Here four airplanes were presented with a drawing by Colby (not yet sure who he was) and a descriptive text, perhaps again written by Whitehouse. This month depicts a military ship from each France, Italy, England, and the United States. This month's offering comes straight from the November 1936 issue of Flying Aces.
Modern Planes Album
As a bonus freebee, I'll add a solid model plan for the A-17 from the above article as originally presented on page 59 of this same issue.
Northrop Army A-17 Attack

The Advertisement

Once again we look at an ad for the Comet Model Airplane & Supply Co. of Chicago, Illinois. Illustrating their scale model 1-Star and 2-Star lines in glorious 3-colour press, this ad represents the crowning age of the company's history. And oh yea, this ad can be found on the back cover of the November 1936 issue of Flying Aces ;-)

Comet Leads Ad

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