:: Discover Linear Algebra

Discover Linear Algebra is an open-access linear algebra textbook that uses a discovery-based approach to introduce students to this beautiful subject. The philosophy of this treatment is to allow the undeniable core ideas and patterns of linear algebra to reveal themselves to the student.

Each chapter begins with a set of guided-discovery activities suitable for use as in-class group activities, as pre-class preparatory explorations, or for self-study. The exposition in the remainder of each chapter reflects and expands upon these introductory explorations, beginning with an informal Concepts section, followed by a section of Examples, and ending with a more formal Theory section of theorems and proofs. (Please see the book's Preface for a little more detail on the organization and pedagogical approach of the book.)

Discover Linear Algebra is free as in “freedom” — released under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), you are free to use, copy, redistribute, and/or modify this textbook. (Though that freedom comes with some responsibilities; see the full text of the GFDL, included as an appendix to the textbook.) If you wish to make use of this work under a different license, please contact the author using the contact info below.


Current edition

Discover Linear Algebra — Winter 2019 Edition
Github repository for the PreTeXt document source code: github.com/jjrsylvestre/dla

Standalone activities-only edition

Discover Linear Algebra Activity Sets — Fall 2018 Edition
Github repository for the PreTeXt document source code: github.com/jjrsylvestre/dla-activitysnapshot

Author Contact

Jeremy Sylvestre
University of Alberta, Augustana Campus