:: Lecture Videos for Discover Linear Algebra

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Chapter 1 Systems of Linear Equations (52 min)
Chapter 2 Solving By Row Reducing (56 min)
Chapter 3 Polynomial Interpolation (21 min)
Chapter 4 Matrix Algebra (81 min)
Chapter 5 Matrix Inverses (53 min)
Chapter 6 Elementary Matrices and More About Inverses (66 min)
Chapter 7 Special Forms of Square Matrices (29 min)
Chapter 8 Determinants (55 min)
Chapter 9 Determinants versus Row Ops (51 min)
Chapter 10 The Adjoint; More About Determinants (44 min)
Chapter 11
(DLA2: Chapter 12)
Vectors (57 min)
ERROR ALERT  Small error in one of the diagrams in this video, where a point was plotted at the wrong location. See the video description on its YouTube page for the timestamp and details of the error.
Chapter 12
(DLA2: Chapter 13)
Vector Geometry (54 min)
Chapter 13
(DLA2: Chapter 14)
Orthogonality (52 min)
Cross Product (26 min)
NOTE  When I'm in my little circle I have the video reversed. So in the Cross Product video, when I'm holding up my right hand it will look to you like I'm holding up my left hand. Keep this in mind during the explanation of the "right-hand rule." (But when my face is full-screen, the video is not reversed and my right hand is my right hand.)
Chapter 14
(DLA2: Chapter 15)
The Geometry of Linear Systems (65 min)
Chapter 15
(DLA2: Chapter 16)
Abstract Vector Spaces (57 min)
Chapter 16
(DLA2: Chapter 17)
Subspaces and the Subspace Test (57 min)
Span (40 min)
Chapter 17
(DLA2: Chapter 18)
Linear Dependence/Independence (54 min)
Chapter 18
(DLA2: Chapter 19)
Basis (50 min)
Chapter 19
(DLA2: Chapter 20)
Dimension (50 min)
Chapter 20
(DLA2: Chapter 21)
Column Space (35 min)
Row Space (15 min)
Null Space (13 min)
ERROR ALERT  Small error in the first example of the Null Space video: the expression for \(x_2\) should be \(x_2 = -3s - 2t\), not \(x_2 = -3s - 5t\).
Chapter 21
(DLA2: Chapter 24)
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors (51 min)
ERROR ALERT  Small error in the very first matrix multiplication example: \(\mathbf{y}_2 = A\mathbf{x}_2\) result should have been \((0,-1)\), not \((0,1)\).
Chapter 22
(DLA2: Chapter 25)
Similarity and Diagonalization (70 min)