July 24-31, 2011

Registration and Housing Deadline Extended to July 23, 2011
ISSS-10 Hands-on Sessions

The hands-on sessions are designed to supplement the tutorial lectures and allow student participants to gain experience in running simulation codes and analyzing the results. They will be led by the tutorial speakers and the sessions will take place in the Max Bell Auditorium.

The participants for the hands-on session are required to bring their own laptop. We will have some laptops in reserve just in case you don't have one or for some reason it stops working. Irrespective of the laptop (Mac, PC, etc) we will install a virtual operating system (Linux - ubuntu) using VMware that will contain all the software (compilers, simulation programs, graphics, etc) needed for the tutorial. This will provide us with a homogeneous computational environment that makes things run efficiently.

It will only take a few minutes to install the virtual system on your laptop (occupies about 1 or 2 GBytes space) and we will begin the process upon your registration. If you are able to arrive for the student orientation session on Sunday at 6pm we will explain how the hands-on sessions will be organized and help install the necessary software.