Our objective

One objective of the Institute of Public Economics is to facilitate research that analyzes the performance of electricity markets and the design of policies to assist in the integration of renewables into the power system. The Institute also facilitates communication of research results in this area.

  • Topics include:
    • Designing roof-top solar compensation policies;
    • Analyzing the impacts of carbon pricing mechanisms;
    • Designing regulations to motivate utilities to invest in distributed energy resources such as roof-top solar, storage, and demand-side management programs;
    • Designing demand response compensation;
    • Retail rate design in the presence of distributed energy resources;
    • Analyze market power execution in restructured electricity markets;
    • Measuring the effects of mergers in restructured electricity markets.

Electricity Research Papers

Graduate Students – Researching Electricity Markets

  • Hyeck Ki Min
  • Yuan Bian

Post-Doctoral Fellows – Researching Electricity Markets

Past Conference

The IPE and the department of Economics hosted a conference on "Renewable Energy and Electricity Markets" in May 2018 at the University of Alberta.
  • Location: Education Building, Room 129, University of Alberta, AB
  • Organizers: David Brown, Andrew Eckert and Corinne Langinier

  • Hanson Lectures and Workshops

    • Hanson Lecture -- 2017

    • Workshop -- 2017

    • Workshop -- 2016

    • Hanson Lecture -- 2012

    • Fellows

      • David Brown

        • David Brown is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Alberta. Professor Brown received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Florida. Dr. Brown's fields of research include Energy Economics, Applied Econometrics, Industrial Organization, and Regulatory Policy. His current work focuses on analyzing the impacts of energy policies on the performance of electricity markets and the design of compensation for renewable resources. This includes research that analyzes the design of retail tariffs to compensate distributed energy resources such as residential roof-top solar panels and demand response mechanisms; measuring market power execution in wholesale power markets; analyzing the impacts of mergers and market structure changes; designing regulations to motivate utilities to invest in distributed resources; and analyzing the impacts of carbon pricing mechanisms.

      • Andrew Eckert

        • Andrew Eckert is a Professor in the Department of Economics. He has obtained degrees from the University of Saskatchewan (BA, 1993), the University of Western Ontario (MA, 1994) and the University of British Columbia (PhD, 1999). Andrew's research interests lie in the field of industrial organization and energy economics. Prior to joining the University of Alberta, Andrew spent a year as an economist with the Competition Bureau, where he was engaged in work regarding competition issues in several industries. Andrew’s research has been published in a wide range of economic journals. Current research focuses on market power in wholesale electricity markets and the effects of carbon pricing, merger analysis in wholesale electricity markets, and policies regarding retail electricity markets.