Undergraduate Courses Taught

EDSE 327 (new) English Language Arts for Secondary English Language arts majors IPT
EDSE 427/428 Curriculum and Teaching in Secondary School English Language Arts for English Language Arts Majors
EDFX 451 Integrating Theory and Practice for Secondary School English Language Arts Majors.
EDSE 429 Teaching Print and Media Texts to Adolescents.
EDSE 327 Curriculum and Teaching for Secondary English Language Arts Minors.
EDSEC 200 Teaching in the Secondary Schools.
EDSEC 401 Issues of Gender, Race and Culture in the Classroom: Reading and Writing in a Changing World (with R. Luce-Kapler).

Graduate Courses Developed and Taught

EDSE 670 Postcolonial Issues, Theories and Curriculum
EDES 506 Searching Issues of Pedagogy in Practice: Race, Gender and Culture
(with J. Ellis, Elementary Education).
EDES 501 (sem 93) Teaching, Learning and Curriculum in a Digital Age. (on-line)
(with E. Ellermann, Athabasca University)

Required Graduate Courses Taught

EDSE 529 Issues in English Language Arts Education
EDSE 630 Theory and Research in Secondary English Language Arts.
EDSE 629 Teaching and Researching Print and Media Texts in Secondary Schools
EDSE 610 Advanced Research Topics in Education.
EDSE 510 Research Methods in Secondary Education.
EDSE 512 Designing a Research Project.
EDSE 502, EDSE 602 Independent Studies (32 taught from 1997 to 2012)
ED6511 Lakehead University: Postcolonial and Multicultural Theories in Education