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The following are a few links that you might find particularly useful. If you have any troubles connecting to any of the below links, please let us know!

Federal Green Party Website
The Federal Green Party represents all of Canada and contributes to provincial policy goals. Visit their website to become a member or learn more about the federal platform.

Alberta Green Party Website
The Alberta Green Party is a provincial party running in Alberta. Although it is affiliated with the federal party, the Alberta Greens decide on their own policies and campaign strategies. Visit their website to learn more about their provincial platform.

U of A Campus Greens Yahoo Group
Our Yahoo Group is the forum we use for a lot of our event planning and group organizing. If you would like to get involved or simply stay on top of political issues on campus, drop by now and then and catch up on what you missed!

U of C Campus Greens Website
Learn more about the growing Green movement in Alberta by visiting the University of Calgary Green Party website.

If you feel that we have forgotten any important links, please let us know!