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Hello All

This is a copy of what I have sent to Donna Lafromboise at the National Post.  If you have questions you can email me.




As per our telephone conversation yesterday I thought that I would get back to you with an email.  I was suprised with the information that you gave me regarding ECMAS but I think that they have tried to rectify the situation as best they can.  ECMAS is a good organization with a hard fought reputation for work in the area of reforming family law in this country.  I feel that what has transpired may have been exaggerated by some individuals.  I would hate to see years of hard work ruined by this one instance.  While we don't condone what President Clinton did, we could not say that the whole USA was a write off, and I think that the same is true of this.  I feel that many members of the ECMAS organization could be hurt by what has transpired.  They are almost all in some way engaged in their own court cases and this could hurt all of them and their children.  They are also all volunteers of their time, energy and money with no help from any outside agency.  I hope that you will thouroughly reasearch this and confirm the "facts" with all parties involved before you print a story.  My understanding is that the person who led you to this "story" may not be as altruistic as you think. [So the former president likewise rejects the reporter's request for negative judgments about ECMAS]  [Next]