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I didn't see you on the cc list.  In response, I have simply asked her not

to cc me on any further correspondence.



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To: [This is the e-mail to whose list of six dozen recipients I subsequently copied my e-mail responding to the reporter. For many of those recipients, their only contact with ECMAS was the support meeting, where they were promised their privacy would be protected. Thus, the names have been deleted here.] [Next]


Subject: Re: National Post "story"



Hello Everyone,


I am going to briefly respond to former ecmas president Carolyn Vanee's

comments below.  It is truly heartbreaking to me that the ecmas

organization, which has such a noble and respected history in fighting for

the falsely accused and for the people of family court, has come to this.

Ms. Vanee suggests that my efforts to bring some issues to public attention

is vindictive action on my part, taken because of my hatred for Ferrel



I, too, have explored this, and indeed, tried to walk away from the problems

for several months.  The fact is, when I dislike someone, I am historically

inclined to ignore or avoid them, and that is certainly what I did with Mr.

Christensen.  Following our dispute in early October 2000, I stopped going

to weekly support group meetings, as I did not want to bring our conflict

into the room.  The last ecmas meeting I attended was in November of 2000,

however, I did attend the March election meeting as I had paid dues and was

entitled to vote.  My hope was that new leadership would be elected that

would have the will to address the serious concerns that had come to my

attention, but that was not to be.


It is not animosity which spurred me to action, but rather, my duty as a

family advocate, my duty to the desperate people who are experiencing the

hell of family court.  Upon discovery of further problems in January of this

year, my eight years of commitment to this constituency would not allow me

to simply walk away, which would have been far easier for me.  There are two

issues of very serious concern.  In the first place, I have studied a book

written by Mr. Christensen entitled "Pornography: the other side".  This

book aims to prove that all pornography, and the desires that under lie

them, are good and natural.  Now, what two or more adults do is of no

concern to me, but what is very troubling in this book is that Mr.

Christensen can at no time bring himself to say that sex with children is a

bad thing.  On the contrary, this book attempts to say that sex in childhood

is good, depriving children of sex is bad, and even coercing children into

sex is no worse than depriving children from having sex.  These views are

very troubling to me, and I believe that they have no place in an

organization that frequently speaks on behalf of the falsely accused and the

divorcing community. It troubles me that Mr. Christensen attends every

monthly meeting of ecmas, attends every weekly support group meeting,

comments on every issue raised there, and no one seems aware of his

troubling views.  You cannot legitimately speak on behalf of the falsely

accused while holding the belief that sex in childhood is a good thing. And

I feel that the desperate people looking for help should at least be aware

of Mr. Christensen's views so they can make an informed decision about

accepting his help.                                                                                  [Next] 


The second major problem is the fact that Mr. Christensen frequently

recommends that people fire their attorneys, hire Mr.  Adams to develop

their legal documents, and represent themselves in court.  Mr. Christensen

further has always insisted that no support group meeting can take place

without the attendance of Mr. Adams, and has vigorously opposed the

establishment of a second support group meeting because Mr. Adams cannot

attend.  Again, I do not know Mr. Adams well, and have no personal opinion

about him.  Nevertheless, it troubles me that Mr. Adams was disbarred

because he pleaded guilty to charges arising from his decision to have sex

with his sixteen year old client, who was a prostitute.  Further conflict is

the fact that he also represented her incarcerated boyfriend at the time.

While I wish Mr. Adams well, it is my view that he should not be providing

services to the divorcing community for that reason.


I have received numerous calls recently asking why I did not let the

organization deal with these problems internally, rather than go public with

my concerns.  The answer is that I tried repeatedly to convey my concerns to

the leadership of ecmas, and the response of the group was to allow Mr.

Adams to stand as vice-president, and to vote him in to that office. I was

also asked not to discuss the issues further with them. This did not convey

to me any sense that ecmas was prepared to address these problems.

Subsequent to the election, Mr. Adams not only attended but chaired the

first support group following the vote.  In addition, I informed the

president Bob Bouvier, as well as other leaders in ecmas, about these

concerns, and I respectfully suggested that if these secrets came out it

would destroy the credibility of the organization.  I further advised that I

was not prepared to keep their secrets for them.  Frankly, if you have

secrets like these, the best thing you can do is deal with them, make them

disappear, and it is illegitimate to ask me or anyone else to keep your

secrets and allow ecmas to continue to provide this low quality of service

to the family court community.  The response of the organization was to vote

Mr. Adams in as vice-president.


Now that the threat of public attention to these issues is imminent,

everyone says, why didn't you give us a chance to deal with it?  And instead

of being concerned about these issues in and of themselves, ecmas members

and others dismiss my concerns as sour grapes or revenge on my part.

Perhaps I should remind everyone that it is no easy thing to stand up for

principle, but I could not call myself a family advocate if I were to allow

this organization to continue on its current path, where desperate people

turn for help, and do nothing.  In addition, I have established that I will

not represent anyone who is an active member of merge, ecmas or gief as an

advocate, and I have quietly withdrawn from three cases who are active

members.  I do this to protect my own credibility from being drawn into

these conflicts in the future.  You attack the messenger, but do nothing to

address the concerns that have been raised.


I will close by saying that a media story might not be done if these issues

are dealt with.  I am no less saddened by the fact that ecmas, a well

regarded family rights organization, has allowed itself to be overtaken by

these upsetting sexual problems.  I would speculate that 99.9% of the popula

tion does not agree that sex in childhood is good. No falsely accused would

ever want to be associated with an organization who is not concerned about

these problems, nor should they, for they may even be harmed by the

association.  The last thing I wanted was to be the person, after being in

the city only six months, who would uncover these problems and be the only

one concerned about addressing them.  Unfortunately, ecmas has chosen the

easier route of simply ignoring the problems and moseying on in the fashion

they have been for the past year or so.  I have gone through a searing self

examination to determine whether my personal views have coloured my

commitment to action in this regard, and all I know is that this is not

easy, it is not fun, and I wish someone other than me had the courage to do

it.  It would have been much easier to simply ignore you, as Parents Helping

Parents can function without your support, as frequent media reports

concerning the success of my work will attest to.


Ultimately, my conscience would not allow me to walk away.  There are people

being destroyed in family court every day, desperate people who have spent

their life savings to maintain ties with the children they love, and others

who have been falsely accused of sexually abusing children.  These people

don't need to be hurt again by the family rights community that they turn to

for help.


Louise Malenfant

Family Advocate

Parents Helping Parents

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To: Louise ;           [As above, the other names originally listed have here been deleted.]


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Subject: Re: National Post "story"



Hello All

This is a copy of what I have sent to Donna Lafromboise at the National

Post.  If you have questions you can email me.




As per our telephone conversation yesterday I thought that I would get back

to you with an email.  I was suprised with the information that you gave me

regarding ECMAS but I think that they have tried to rectify the situation as

best they can.  ECMAS is a good organization with a hard fought reputation

for work in the area of reforming family law in this country.  I feel that

what has transpired may have been exaggerated by some individuals.  I would

hate to see years of hard work ruined by this one instance.  While we don't

condone what President Clinton did, we could not say that the whole USA was

a write off, and I think that the same is true of this.  I feel that many

members of the ECMAS organization could be hurt by what has transpired.

They are almost all in some way engaged in their own court cases and this

could hurt all of them and their children.  They are also all volunteers of

their time, energy and money with no help from any outside agency.  I hope

that you will thouroughly reasearch this and confirm the "facts" with all

parties involved before you print a story.  My understanding is that the

person who led you to this "story" may not be as altruistic as you think.