From:     Louise                                                                                   

Date:      Monday, May 07, 2001 8:19 AM

To:          Laframboise, Donna

Subject: Re: will it ever end?


Dear Donna,

Thanks for the reassurance. I for one want nothing to do with this creepy
little movement, run by men who never married and have no children, who seem
to think they know best how our children should be having sex. Though this
has been a weird story, I for one am glad I know what these guys are about.
They only exist on the internet, but whoah, stay out of my movement bucko!

By the way, I never told these creeps anything about anybody; I met Bob

 Bouvier one time, and your name certainly never came up. [By "these creeps" Malenfant is referring to ECMAS as a group. (She's denying a claim in ECMAS' May 1 news release that she'd told us she was friends with the reporter. As will be seen later, from details Malenfant in fact had told Bouvier, the reporter had to realize that this denial by Malenfant here was blatantly false.)] [Next]                                    As for Ferrel,                                                                               
well, I think we all know how that went. I guess my "instincts" must be
just fine, since I hated the creep before I ever read his creepy book.

I'm good if you are.

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Subject: RE: will it ever end?

Thanks Wheezy, [Next] but don't fret too much on my behalf. I'm a big girl, and my
whole career has been about doing controversial articles and being
threatened with being sued. You didn't get me into anything, I went there
all on my ownsome, with my eyes wide open. Other than being minor
irritations and a little time-consuming, neither the lawsuit nor the Press
Council complaint are of any concern to me. We had the article lawyered

several times, so I feel perfectly safe. I've gone up against people who
intimidate me far more than Mr. Christensen and survived just fine.
[Given the mountain of misbehavior in this case, one may well ask not just regarding hers and

her editors' professional ethics, but about what kind of lawyer would support such behavior. [Back]

You are right, though, about one thing. My limited knowledge of the Press
Council is that it consists of establishment journalists who aren't likely
to be overly sympathetic to fathers' rights types in the first place. If the
purpose of filing this complaint was to convince a bunch of reasonably
influential journalists that the fathers' rights movement consists of a
bunch of boobs with no judgment whatsoever they couldn't have chosen a
better strategy. The downside is that the overall damage to the movement may
well be considerable. What Christensen et. al. think the upside is, I'm not
sure. Bizarre.

keep well,



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> From: Louise
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> To: donna laframboise
> Subject: will it ever end?
> Dear Donna,
> It breaks my heart that you have to be dragged into this crap. I never
> dreamed that it would go this far, and certainly, my belief was that the
> group would do the smart thing and disassociate from these controversies
> when the chips were down. I am so sorry that I got you into this. You do
> understand that the rhetoric of the complaint has FC's fingerprints all
> over it. The word "hence" is a dead giveaway.
> You see, to Ferrel, he is more important than ecmas, than my work or your
> work. He is a megalomaniac of guargantuan proportions, and now you have
> some small idea of what it was like to work for this creep for three long
> months. These people chill me to the bone, but thankfully, they seem to
> be leaving me alone, as are the father's groups who support them. Now
> they are targetting you. I have never heard of anything more stupid then
> to harass a journalist who has done so much for the goals of this
> movement. Once again, the sick thinking of Christensen and his supporters
> seem more important to them than the actual progress towards the
> movement. Now you see why people in government want nothing to do with
> us. One step out of place, and bang, you get the hate mail from the
> creepy crawlies for life.
> It is certainly the case that one thing has come out of this that, though
> painful, was something we needed to know. These groups, headed by
> unmarried and childless men, have overwhelmed the movement, and they are
> our greatest liability, no matter how hard they are willing to work.
> Work to do, work to do...
> Louise