From: Louise <>

To: donna laframboise<>


Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 17:12:38 -0400


Hidoll,    [Next]     


I heard you were the recipient of one of thosesanctimonious diatribes I was

telling you about from FC.  Interestingly, he put his letter to you onthe

public email list, but did not include your lovely 13questions.  Hmmmm.


Guess it's my turn to tell you, "chin up"; thistoo shall pass.  I'm

surprised I haven't gotten more hate mail then Ihave.  Ferrel took me off

his distribution list, but I have a board member whosupports me in this

effortwho tells me everything. [Other emails to the reporter reflect details of Source A's spying.He also had a further hour of conversation with the reporter (two calls--seethe phone log), for which she turned over no records. But it is likely (more tocome on this) that he then told the reporter, too, about board doings.] [Back]

  I especially liked Ferrel's line that goes

to the effect of, "since you already questionedeveryone, I don't have to

answer your questions, do I".  While Ferrel is quite capable of having an

intelligent conversation, the juvenile side of him comesout when he is



Give me a shout tomorrow if you get the chance.