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From: †††††††††††† Louise

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To: †††††††††††††††† donna Iaframboise

Subject:††††††††† Fw: time for some more power



Hi donna,


a message I received from the beaten vice pres candidate, [the girlfriend], is below, and my response to same.


Just keeping you informed. Iím trying to see if these people have any courage to do something.



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To: [the girlfriend]

Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2001 6:34 AM

Subject: Re: time for same more power


[first name],


I am not giving up, but I find this city very disturbing. Whatever others may think, I am horrified that a man who holds the views that Ferrel does is accepted as a leader and a spokesman for the falsely accused. I am††††† horrified that the leading family rights organization would elect [Tim]††††††††† Adams for a vice-president, who now runs the support group meetings as††† well. I refuse to stand by and allow the desperate people of family court to reach out for help and find this as the only help out there.


This is not the first time I have wanted to get out of this disturbed city.†††††††††††† Itís pretty bad, [FN], when you find that the child welfare system is more honourable, honest and effective then the family rights people. The†††† leadership of these organizations stands by and allows this to happen,††† without even seeing the problem. I did have 3 cases I was representing†††††† from the merge-gief-ecmas circle, but I have now quietly withdrawn from†††††††† all three, and will no longer provide services to any active member of these organizations. I have worked too long and too hard to be associated with organizations who do not see the harm of these developments vis a vis this election. Indeed, if I developed the reputation for not caring about child


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abuse issues, then I could not help those guys who really are falsely

accused. What many of you don't seem to realize is that there are many sexual deviants, or sexual minorities, as Ferrel would say, who are hanging around your organizations, and since one of your leaders makes no distinction, they are brought into close proximity with your children, [FN], [This was sent early on (March 18). Did the reporter just ignore the allegation of great evil in the group? That would've been outrageous: it was far more newsworthy than the ones she published, and if there was any foundation to it, the public greatly needed to be warned. Yet there is no hint in all the documents of her investigating this claim. The alternative is that she asked Ms. Malenfant (perhaps in one of the mysteriously missing emails noted shortly) and that she admitted the charge was without any foundation. Either way, the reporter covered up a vicious allegation by her ally. Again.] [Back] and also the falsely accused who, if they knew, would have nothing to do†††† with these organizations. When I was collecting votes for you, several of††††††††††††††† my clients did not even want to come into the same room as Ferrel, for fearthat their own cases would be tainted with his views. Might be a little††† paranoid, but I know exactly how they feel.


These are serious issues that require serious action, and no offense, but you and [FN] were wiped out, and will probably be punished by your ďfriendsĒ in this organization for even daring to stand for this election.[Some queried their clear involvement with Malenfant, but they were treated politely, dropping out in August.]

Iíve worked too hard, [FN], to be associated with this stuff, and it is just a question of time before it is exposed. I am also tired of all the††††††††† backstabbing and talking behind my back, when all I do is work for others,††† and have little time for myself. The case in the Edmonton Sun yesterday†† shows you what I can do; remember the What did your daddy do story of only February described the bad spot this dad was in, and only a month later, we have access, we have a second opinion, we have eliminated the playtherapist hired by the OFS, and we have eliminated the CFS. But the threeorganizations that purport to care, would deprive the newcomers of any information about PHP. That is really disturbing to me, for if these groups†† really wanted to help, they would appreciate all services available to this††† group of people. Now there is no choice, for I will not advocate for††††††† members of these groups, because I refuse to allow my work to be draggedinto the disturbed politics of these organizations.


To be honest with you, I have investigated many of the cases that claim a†† false accusation in these groups, and have found very few people I would represent. There are strange cases in this city, and the falsely accused are†† few and far between. Even the cases that find me through media reports,†††† etc., I cannot represent most of them. The ratio of investigation to representation in this city is about 12:1. For every 12 cases I investigate, I†††† am finding 1 case I can represent. In Winnipeg, the ratio was about 4:1.†††††† This is not a very healthy ratio, and frankly, I have every right to decidewhether or not I want to make a commitment to this community. If you†††††††† think about it, I have had nothing but problems since I came to this city,†††††††† first with Ferrel, and now with my conscience, as I try to walk away from†††††††† the disturbed problems of the family rights organizations. I actually feel


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frightened that these people know where I live, and that is a first for me.


In Winnipeg, my work was appreciated and respected, but in Edmonton, Ihave about 25 active members of 3 organizations doing nothing but pulling

me down. [This is one of the places where (her hyperbole aside) Malenfant told the reporter she was much distrusted by most of the regulars before (note the date above) the reporter called us; afterward, we'll later see, she told her of the hostility caused by those attacking calls.] [Next]

††††††††††††††† †††††† Surely, even you would agree with me that the notion of leaving is a reasonable, and probably a smart one, for me.




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From: [the girlfriend]

To: Louise Malenfant

Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2001 4:24 AM

Subject: time for some more power


Hi Louise, You are probably up right now....working.

[Source A] told me of your conversation today, and I think you absolutely cannot give up†††† and leave.

You are way to active and productive to do such a thing! For such a are not thinking very clearly right now, This is understandable!!!!!†††† †††††††††I am writing to you to give you some support. I also want to know if you are available tomorrow night to get together with [Source A] and I. Are you?


We could maybe have dinner, later, depending on everyoneís schedule. I know [Source A]††† is to meet with someone, but I donít know what lime. If you are available, then we can sort out the timing thing after I hear from you.


Iím up for a bit, so if you want to email, or call me right away, then please do so.


You canít give up Louise, just canít. There are so many people that need you, in fact, I want to see what I can do to help you as well. So please donít give up!!!!


[FN] :):)