From:               Louise

Date:                Wednesday, March 14, 2001 10:31 AM

To:                   donna laframboise

Subject:           ecmas election




this is a short email to marnie ko that nicely lays out the family rights

community in edmonton, including yours truly.  Also a few choice words about

what I think of this whole situation.



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> > I think I'm confused about the two groups. One is Merge, which Ferrel is

> > president of? One is Ecmas, which is run by another fellow and now [Tim]

> > Adams. Somehow, the two are linked. ?    [This is one of many e-mails forwarded to the reporter in which

MERGE is mentioned by name. Reporter Marnie Ko immediately realized the importance of disentangling

what MERGE does from what ECMAS does, yet Ms. Laframboise claims that she never did so.]      [Back]

> As noted in the Lana email I forwarded to you, Ferrel attends every monthly                                                     

> ecmas meeting, and has something to say about nearly ever topic raised

> there, but he does not buy a membership and he therefore does not vote. He

> also attends the weekly ecmas support group meeting, where many newcomers

> first reach out to the family rights movement.  Again, he attends like

> religion, insists that [Tim] Adams be in attendance for "legal advice", and

> even shot down the idea of splitting the support group into two meetings due

> to overcrowding because "[tim] can't be at two meetings".  So because of his

> diligent attendance and his promotion of [Tim] Adams on the unsuspecting

> people who seek out the support group for custody and access problems, he

> has a tremendous influence on the support group, again, without holding a

> membership.  I am sure he thinks he is being crafty in that there is no

> "paper trail" to his influence, but I find that dishonest and unethical.  [ For anyone interested, the

records disprove these claims about my not being a signed-up member and not voting. In fact, the

reporter heard each of these fabrications contradicted by someone with firsthand knowledge.] [Back]

> Now that [Tim] Adams has been elected vice-president, I wonder if he will now

> stop charging people $100.00 for his advice, or whether he will just view

> his job as a new business opportunity.  That's a question someone should ask

> him.


> So Ecmas is austensibly independant, while the Movement for the Emergence of

> Real Gender Equality (MERGE) is Ferrel's own group.  He also is the chairman

> of Gender Issues Education Foundation, which does have a charitable tax

> number and has received funding.  GIEF is actually the organization that

> hired me; I was told via email that I would GIEF had a board of directors,

> but the fact is, it is the throne of King Ferrel, whose board members are

> very mysterious.  Though I was employed by GIEF I never met them. 

[In this connection recall also Ms. Malenfant's fabrications that I'd never actually joined ECMAS and didn't take part in voting. For one more quickly provable instance of sloppiness with facts by this "reliable source" of the reporter's, skip over the next paragraph to the one following it.]     -------->###


> Then of course, there is Louise Malenfant of Parents Helping Parents, who

> will not be associated with any of these three groups after only six months

> in the province, especially now that [Tim] Adams has been elected vice

> president.  That just turns my stomach.  The fact is, he is also a pig,

> making comments to boyfriends about their girlfriends and what he would like

> to do to them sexually when the ladies leave for the washroom or go out of

> hearing. [For the record: I never heard him say anything remotely like this--and, having

met Mr. Adams only once or twice (and in my presence), neither did Ms. Malenfant.]



> So that is the entire family rights community of edmonton.  Be sure you draw

> a distinction between Edmonton and the Calgary chapter, because, though they

> carry the same name, they are worlds apart.  Ecmas Calgary is probably the

> most highly respected family rights organization in the country, especially

> outside of Alberta, run by Mike Laberge.


> Go to their web site (through MESA in your search engine) to get his number.                  

[Though constantly praising ECMAS-Calgary for its accomplishments and disparaging ECMAS-Edmonton, Ms. Malenfant didn't even know the difference between ECMAS-Calgary and the Calgary fathers'-rights group MESA. But having herself written about both of those Calgary groups, the reporter already knew the difference.]      [Next]

> Louise