From: Rick Fowler

Date: Thursday, March 29, 2001 6:17 PM



Subject: ECMAS Edmonton



Ms Lafromboise: 


My name is Rick Fowler.  I am the Co-Chair of the Maintenance Committee for

Edmonton ECMAS.  Before this article on us appears, please allow me to say

this. [His words about the need for Mr. Adams are throughout this email.]      [Back]          


Serious problems between Maintenance Enforcement and myself prompted me to

join with ECMAS approximately one year ago.  We began the Maintenance

Committee with a meeting between upper management, my committee members, and

a young lady whose friend had committed suicide.  Her testimony was

absolutely gut-wrenching for all of us.  This gentleman had been very

gainfully employed by his wife, and wound up with huge child support

payments after their divorce.  He had, of course, become unemployed and went

immediately into arrears.  To make a long story short, this gentleman wound

up living in his car in order to make these payments, while his ex-wife

drove the kids to lessons in her four-wheel drive.  After trying desperately

to survive the heavy-handed collections tactics of MEP, and living in a car,

he finally used the car's exhaust to end it.  You are probably also aware of

the Darren White suicide in B.C.  There are others that we don't know about.

We know only of the ones who have come to us. 


Together with upper management of MEP, we made a pact to try to prevent

these senseless occurrences.  Using the Men's Help Line and the ECMAS

Support Group, we have in 10 months helped over 100 people through the

myriad of complexities of MEP.              

[Do not forget how she indignantly rejected the pleas warning of the harm and sorrow she was about to cause.]

We have no way of telling how many suicides we have prevented.  Without

[Tim] Adams and Ferrel Christensen, both the Men's Help Line [run by FC]

and the Support Group are gone.  It will then become a very simple task to

predict exactly how many suicides we will prevent. Next, destruction of the Calgary group's plans

--concerning which, when told about them, she reacted (recall) merely with personal pique  [Next]              

It is also worthy to note that along the way, we have helped a number of

people to enter the MEP system, who, for a variety of reasons, have been

evading MEP for years.  This has brought in arrears to families and children

in the order of order of over $100,000 so far. 


Concerning your information pertaining to this article, we were all aghast

when it was revealed to us that these items were considered "secrets".

These "secrets" of [Tim] Adams' have, over the past 4 years, been broadcast

over every TV newsroom, radio station, and newspaper in Edmonton.  Anyone in

Edmonton not knowing this, has either been in a very long coma, or is new to

the city.  [Tim] has apologized many times to the public, to the Bar

Association, and mostly to his children.  He could start a sentence in

Edmonton by saying "Hi, I'm [Tim] Adams, I'm the guy who..." 


He has never done any business with anyone without first revealing his past.

His legal expertise and dedication to the cause has been invaluable in

helping to restore hope to many many people whose lives have been shattered

by divorce and separation.   


The same can be said of Ferrel Christensen.  His tireless dedication to the

cause has been an inspiration to all of us.  I have worked closely with both

of these gentlemen now for almost one year, and can honestly say that I have

never even heard a reference to sex from either of them.  The work that each

has done has been absolutely exemplary.  [Back]To crucify Ferrel over a book

written while an employee of the U of A, and published by a reputable

publisher, is wrong.  This was a study of human sexuality and behavior and

has always been on his list of credentials.  The first week I met Ferrel, I

read this list.  No one here has ever bothered with the book because its

subject matter is so incredibly far removed from anything that any of us

here are doing.  It is my understanding, Donna, that you have yourself

written some sexually liberal material.  Please be careful not to disagree

with anything that Ms. Malenfant does or says for a very long while, as you

yourself could end up on this sexual morals "hit list". 


In the 2 years since the inception of the ECMAS Support Group, Ferrel and

[Tim] have been integral in helping over 600 people whose lives have been

thrown apart by divorce and separation.  Of these 600 people helped, the

only complaint that we have received that I am aware of, has been from

Louise Malenfant.  Edmonton ECMAS keeps meticulous records, and the Support

Group is no exception.  While Ms Malenfant would appear to indicate that her

attendance at the Support Group was frequent and ongoing, our records

clearly indicate that all of this conjecture was based on attendance at one

meeting only. 


In light of these inconsistencies, along with so many others, the following

question begs an answer:  Who in the entire country would have more

resources and first-hand knowledge of exactly how to destroy someone through

the use of false allegations?  Ironically, this is one of the very things we

are all fighting so hard against. 


Finally, I would just like to say that I could very easily have voted to

oust [Tim] and Ferrel completely for the good of ECMAS.  This would have been

very, very easy.  A part of me might have slept well, knowing that I had

done my bit to save ECMAS; however, a part of me may never have slept again,

knowing full well that someone had forced me into doing the wrong thing. 


Thank you for your time.  Please feel free to reply by e-mail, phone

(780-471-0023), or cell (780-984-1235).


Rick Fowler

Co-Chair, Maintenance Enforcement Committee

ECMAS Edmonton